A Phone for International Calling Moms

Cricket Wireless

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Cricket Wireless blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. There are a few things that are staples in our bags. Keys, a credit card and our phones are always on hand. We rely on our phones for so much. Along with being the leading camera for our families, I’m sharing 4 aspects of cell phone use moms should consider when selecting a phone for themselves and their families, particularly those with ... [ Read More ]

Pasta-ful Fun

Dried Pasta Activities

Those days creep up on us. A day when the kids are home from school. It might be a holiday, a weekend, a snow day - whatever it might be - they are home.  Finding activities for them that will not only take up some time of the long day but might actually teach them a thing or two are needed. I have found that a large bowl of dried pasta and possibly a few more materials can do wonders in the entertainment and educational arena.  This month on TampicoIsColor.com I shared ... [ Read More ]

What Smart Mamas are Reading & Buying

Best Of Smarty Pants Mama

Since its launch in 2008, Smarty Pants Mama readers have relied upon my candid advice on products, vacation destinations, recipes, DIY projects and more. Honored by your trust, I want to share with you what seems to be the most popular posts based on traffic and transactions. I'm a numbers girl, so I find this kind of stuff interesting! Top 5 Posts (Based on Statcounter) How to Make a Photo Booth for a Barbie Party How to Turn a Stinky Sponge Into a Clean Sponge The Easiest London ... [ Read More ]

How to Polish Penny Loafers

Polishing Penny Loafers

We saved money this back to school season by polishing last year's penny loafers. Yes, her foot grew over the summer, and yes, her loafers were pretty beat up after last school year. But this family is on a budget and I knew we had to do what we could to pull out at least a few more months of wear from her penny loafers. Thankfully I've learned how to polish penny loafers! (This post is not sponsored - this 100% my own experience and I personally bought the products!) Many years ago, I ... [ Read More ]

Share a Haircut at Back to School

Hair Cuttery Share A Haircut

It's time to Share a Haircut at back to school! We've got paper, pencils, backpacks, and now haircuts! As part of the back to school routine of kids across the country, boys & girls are lining up at hair salons to get their hair trimmed for the new school year.  We are partnering with Hair Cuttery to promote their Share a Haircut Campaign.   How does the Share-A-Haircut program work? From August 1-15, for every child up to age 18 who purchases a haircut at one ... [ Read More ]

We Made an Emoji Matching Game

Emoji Match UP

This summer has been full of just a handful of camp weeks. The girls have been active at home. Running around, swimming, playing with games, lots of crafts and so much more.  To add some fun, without cost, we decided to make a game for the family to play. We all know the game of matching. It's a game for all ages, so it would work perfect for our age spread. To add some fun to it we made it with the ever so popular Emoji characters! We see these characters on our phones and tablets ... [ Read More ]

Roominate Chateau Review

Review of Roominate Chateau

A toy that taps into the imagination and gets girls using STEM skills! Yes, the Roominate Chateau is all that, and more! My 8 year old, Isabella, purchased this product with her very own money. She spent much time going up and down the aisles trying to decide what she wanted to buy. The moment she grabbed the large yellow box I knew she was onto something. She read the description and turned the box over. She looked up at me with a huge smile. She had found the perfect toy for that ... [ Read More ]

Kids Making Wrapped Dogs with VIDEO

Cooking with the Murphys

This summer has been mostly camp-free, so the girls and I have had a blast doing all sorts of things in and around the house. Recently they wanted to "make lunch" while I make a video. They came up with their recipe and we got to work. Production by the Murphy Girls Yes, the 8 year old did most of the producing. She hung out at my computer for a few hours and played around on iMovie. We had a blast finding different sound effects to add. She especially loved adding different titles, as ... [ Read More ]

Shooting for the Stars, Reaching for the Dream

For The Dream

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Her Dream She asks already. My 8 year old talks about the future. She asks us questions about high school, college and careers. She is curious about everything. Her future is ahead of her. There is so much that she will experience and we couldn't be more excited. The college dream should never be just a dream. At this point in her life, my 8 year old views ... [ Read More ]

Flash Sale for Waldorf Orlando & Hilton Bonnet Creek

Waldorf Orlando

Rates drop to as low as $99 for the Hilton Bonnet Creek and $159 for the Waldorf Orlando! Huge savings!  For a super limited time you need to book at the Waldorf Orlando or the Hilton Bonnet Creek to take part of their FLASH sale! See details below! Do you remember how last month we spent an incredible weekend at the Waldorf Orlando. So many of you chimed in on Instagram with comments and likes, as you noticed the beauty and relaxation of the resort. I'm sure ... [ Read More ]