Travel Journaling with Kids

Travel Journal

You’ve bought the tickets. You have an idea of what you want to see and do. Now, get the kids involved!  Every travel experience can be and should be educational. No, there is no need for a formal lesson, just the opportunity to learn and experience. A simple notebook turned into a travel journal can [...]

Creating a Homework Station

Homework Station

The school year is in full swing! Many of you have started your new school year and others will begin soon. Regardless of your start date, it’s crucial to prepare your kiddos for success. Yes, you need the school supplies, early bedtime and uniforms or school clothes. What you also need is a spot that [...]

Back to School for Moms, Too!

Back To School

It isn’t just time for the kids. Moms and Dads enjoy back to school time for a variety of reasons. Back to school for moms may mean more time for mom to have mom-time. The kids are occupied all day, I mean yes, they’re learning, and mom is running around doing stuff! We’re all on [...]

Speciality Dining on Cruise Ships Review


Challenge: Is dining on cruise ships good? Cruise ships are notorious for having plenty of food available. Yes, passengers often complain after returning from their sailing of the weight they’ve gained from the soft serve ice cream, breakfast buffets and endless slices of pizza. There is always food around. Whether the bountiful buffets on the lido deck [...]

Carnival Freedom for Adventurous FUN

Carnival Freedom

Yes, cruising is all about family time together.  On our most recent Carnival cruise we sailed for 8 nights on the Carnival Freedom. My girls were ecstatic. Who doesn’t want to go away for 8 days and visit the ports of Grand Turk, La Romana, Curaco and Aruba? Best off is that our entire family would [...]

It Takes a Village, Donating School Supplies

Purell Lend a Hand

It takes a village to raise a child.  It takes a village to get him/her back to school, too.  Donating School Supplies to the Village As parents we rely on one another to raise our children. We rely on friends to help with carpool, babysitting, keeping up with what’s due when, cheering on the soccer [...]

Easy Motion Sickness Remedies

Motion Sickeness

Nothing ruins a great vacation like being hit with motion sickness. I had my 3rd date with my husband ruined because I turned green in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay after rocking on a friend’s boat for no more than 30 minutes. That date ended quickly and I vowed never to get motion sick [...]

3 Hair Styles for Girls

Hair Styles for Girls

I like things SIMPLE. I don’t have the time, energy or desire of spending too much time doing my daughter’s hair. I want them to look cute and put together – the look of the knotted crazy hair isn’t what I’m looking for. Keeping their hair out of their face is most important. On top [...]

100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, Children’s Book Edition

100 Books to Read

Regardless of the time of year, having the good books accessible to your children is important. This list of the 100 Book to Read in a Lifetime was put together by Amazon.  It is a list of classic books that every kid should read or have read to them. Some of the books are intended for [...]

DIY Microwave Popcorn

DIY Microwave Popcorn

Make DIY Microwave Popcorn with the kids! It’s delicious and far healthier than the store microwave popcorn bags! There have been reports on the harmful effects of microwave popcorn. The the most harmful effects come from the packaging and the chemicals in the “butter” and seasoning. We still LOVE popcorn in this house and love [...]