What laundry detergent when traveling is best?

Family Travel Tip

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Family Travel Challenge: Stinky! How do I pack laundry detergent when I travel? Family Travel Tip: Individual laundry packets are pre-portioned and effective! Yes, doing laundry during vacation is okay. If you’re traveling for more than 4 days, you’ll likely [...]

Staying & Saving Green when Traveling with Kids & Medicine

Family Travel Tips

Family Travel Challenge: Families run out just before a trip and spend way to much money on stuff like toothpaste, lotion and medicine.  Family Travel Tip: I purchase medical travel items ahead of time and have them on hand for last-minute family travel. For example, I have 4 boxes of Band-Aids in our medicine cabinet. [...]

Where Are the Best Grocery Deals

Best Grocery Deals

From big box stores, to grocery stores to local markets, where are the best grocery deals for families? Maximizing grocery savings does take some time. Many people use coupons in order to reduce the amount of their grocery bill. Some grocery stores also have frequent shopper benefits. Becoming a frequent shopper at one of these [...]

You WILL Brush Your Teeth

Oral B

This paid post is brought to you by the new free Oral-B Disney Timer App as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. But I brushed them mom. No you didn’t. There is chocolate cookie still stuck on your front tooth and a milk mustache. Go brush your teeth AGAIN – for longer than [...]

When a Selfie Ruins Everything

Selfie Fail

I will share a story that embarrasses me a bit. It was clearly not a Smart Mama moment. It was a total selfie FAIL! I was enjoying a fantastic time at lunch with a dear friend and fellow blogger, Leticia of TechSavvyMama.com. As every moment these days includes, we took a selfie.    Cute, right? Well [...]

Easy Tips for Traveling with Children

Preparing for Travel

Traveling anywhere away from home can be nerve-wracking for an adult, let along a child. Being away from a familiar place can end up with you getting homesick (miss your own bed?), losing your appetite, sleep, and even getting ill. Feeling terrible while away from home can make you feel even worse. Just imagine what [...]

Winning $3000 Grant for Your Billion Dollar Idea

H&R Block 1 Billion Dollars

What’s a billion dollars? A whole lot of money! Beyond that definition, how do you get a child to understand the tremendous amount of bills involved in a billion dollars? Teachers are you sensing a math problem? I know you are! Teachers can win $3000 for sharing a clever math problem! Interested? Details below on entering the [...]

Hormel Gathering Dips Review – An Easy Entertaining Idea

Gatherings Dips

Last weekend we headed over to a last minute get together at the home of our good friends with anther family. We get together a lot. We’re not formal. We like to have fun, chat, eat and have a glass (or two) of wine. I said I would bring an appetizer.  With the last minute [...]

Beaches Negril Waterslide Video Review

Beaches Waterslides Review

Put on your bathing suit and get ready to pick your wedgie because the Pirates Island Water Park and gorgeous beach & water sports at Beaches Negril entertains the kids and adults! We experienced all we could during our last visit – something that all must do at a luxury all-inclusive resort! A family vacation to Beaches [...]

Dial 7 Car Service in New York City

Dial 7 Car Service

Dial 7 Car Service in New York City provided our family complimentary transportation from JFK to our hotel. This is our unbiased experience with this car service. You’ve gotten off the plane. You’ve got one suitcase per kid, plus a few more being lugged by you  & your spouse. You might even have a stroller [...]