Ordering First Communion Invitations

First Communion Invitations

Planning a First Holy Communion can be a daunting task. This very special occasion deserves all the special trimmings. From ordering First Communion invitations to the food to the party entertainment, you want your child's ceremony and reception to be just perfect. This year my oldest will receive her First Holy Communion. It's going to be a big fare! Three cousins will also receive their communion that day so we have decided to celebrate together! Alongside my first cousins, we ... [ Read More ]

Make a Local Spring Break

Zoo Miami Staycation

No need to get plane or train tickets! Just gas up the car or even get aboard your local public transportation and make it a Local Spring Break! Yes, weather has been a bit more frigid and snowy this year in many parts of the country but that doesn't mean families can't experience their local hood like real tourists! It's time to go to the zoo, children's museum, an interesting restaurant and more this spring break! This month on TampicoIsColor.com I share different ways to experience ... [ Read More ]

Make Shopping an Education Activity

Tampico Is Color

Yes, we often need to bring the kids with us to the stores. We dread it and they like it even less. I've found some ways to make that hour going up and down the aisles a bit of a (hidden) educational fun!  I have recently shared on TampicoIsColor.com (http://tampicoiscolor.com/grocery-store-learning) 4 ways that I and I hope soon you too, can add in some math, social studies, and even a bit of handwriting activities during a grocery shopping trip.  Read through my suggestions and ... [ Read More ]

How I Support Champions for Kids

Champions for Kids

I was recently invited to support a new campaign that was being brought to our local Walmart, Champions for Kids. I needed to identify a non-profit who could benefit from receiving donations throughout the year to support the people they serve. I knew right away that I had to contact my very good friend Lesley.  This mom of 4, dedicates her life to support moms and families in both her career and personal life. She is one of those friends who is always willing to lend a hand when ... [ Read More ]

A Typical Cuban Breakfast

Cuban Breakfast

"When in Rome" is a saying I try to adhere to in our travels. If you are traveling to South Florida, particularly Miami, you must enjoy traditional Cuban cuisine. From una medianoche sandwich to una tosatada to ropa vieja to una frita visitors must enjoy the savory flavors of the island that are now replicated, quite perfectly, in the states. A Cuban breakfast just like the Cubans on Calle Ocho or even Havana bring a coffee and buttered bread to a whole new level. A Cuban breakfast is ... [ Read More ]

Valentines Day in Miami, Ideas for Couples

Valentine's Day in Miami

The most romantic night of the year is upon us. Valentine's Day in Miami has the potential to be incredibly romantic for the moms & dads living in South Florida. Driving towards the beach, eating a delicious dinner and maybe even spending the night (without kids) at a swanky hotel, sounds like a perfect night. Or maybe getting the babysitter even earlier and finding sometime to relax in the spa or let your husband sneak away and hit a few rounds of golf, or maybe he'll even spa ... [ Read More ]

The Act of Gratitude, It’s Our’s to Teach


You know the moment I'm thinking of - the moment when your son/daughter are handed a gift from a friend - and then nothing happens. Those next few seconds are very important. Showing gratitude, like, "Thank you Aunt Sally for the gift!" is what we want to hear. But does it always happen? I recently shared my experience on teaching the act of gratitude to children on TampicoIsColor.com. I encourage you to visit the post and read about the three primary ways for our children to show gratitude ... [ Read More ]

Skewered Buffalo Chicken Bites

Buffalo Chicken Bites

Wether you are searching for a recipe for the Big Game celebrations, a birthday party or dinner for you and the kids, these Skewered Buffalo Chicken Bites paired with Naturally Fresh Lite Blue Cheese dressing, will always be a hit. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:18]  The Naturally Fresh dressing pairs great for these Buffalo Chicken Bites with a kick - thank you hot wing sauce! Similar to traditional wings that we all like to dip in blue cheese, my Skewered Buffalo Chicken Bites, are ... [ Read More ]

Carnival Vista Sailing European and NY Waters in 2016

Carnival Vista

You've read my experiences with Carnival. You've seen the fun we've had aboard the Breeze, Sunshine and Freedom. You know how I am obsessed with Carnival's speciality restaurants. I'm thrilled to announce that Carnival is kicking it up another notch for families (if that's even possible!) Here's the video that was the first enticement made to fellow media at the #TakeInTheVista event in NYC this month. (You'll see my cameo - look for the girl in the pink shirt!)   In May 2016 ... [ Read More ]

How to Plan a Family Cruise

Plan a Family Cruise

I'll never forget the first time I set out to plan a family cruise. We were invited by Carnival to enjoy their new ship, the Carnival Breeze. My youngest was nearly 19 months and the oldest was 6. Making the decision on taking the family on the cruise was difficult. I had no idea what to expect when traveling with a toddler on a cruise and beyond. We have since been on 3 family cruises and each of them have been fun and some of our greatest travel experiences.  Plan a Family ... [ Read More ]