Shooting for the Stars, Reaching for the Dream

For The Dream

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Her Dream

She asks already. My 8 year old talks about the future. She asks us questions about high school, college and careers. She is curious about everything. Her future is ahead of her. There is so much that she will experience and we couldn’t be more excited.

For The Dream
My 8-year-old and her biggest supporter of her dreams, her dad.

The college dream should never be just a dream. At this point in her life, my 8 year old views her dream as a million years away. We all know that time flies and before we know it Tom and I will be learning how to best prepare her for the tests and other prep work for college entrance. One thing we know for sure, we are as eager to have her reach and achieve her dreams as she is!  Yes, we will do all that we can to fulfill her dream of being a pediatrician – her latest career choice!

As parents, as friends, as members of our community there are ways to help young adults and children achieve their dreams. Each of us hasn’t gotten to the point where we are without the support of those around us. Wether it was a parent, a teacher or friend, support to achieve was there. 

#ForTheDream Campaign

I have been invited by Coca-Cola to promote a campaign that focuses on that dream – the college dream through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. To begin, I encourage each of you to visit On this Coke microsite you will see the unique and clever ways this American staple drink company has created a campaign to help the Hispanic children in and around our community work towards their college dreams. For The DreamThere are so many resources to help families who are preparing for the college days that are shortly ahead. See the collage of photos from the tweets made to support #ForTheDream! It’s heartwarming to see the children and their supporters! 

#ForTheDream Giveaway

To get in the spirit of the Coca-Cola For The Dream campaign, I am offering one reader a fun Coca-Cola-themed Summer Prize pack that features a cooler bag, sunglasses, Mason Jar tumbler and a visor.

Keep Supporting, Keep Winning

You too can help students achieve their college dreams! COCA-COLA is donating $100,000 to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. How awesome is that!? If you head over to Twitter and tweet using #ForTheDream , Coke will donate $1 more! Don’t forget that I’m also offering an entry to my giveaway for using the hashtag! Hope you win!


Parents and teens 18+!!! The chance to win continues with the For the Dream Sweepstakes! Head over to the site to enter the College Experience and $500 grants giveaway! The opportunity to win is there! Good Luck!

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