The Squeezable Healthy Snacks
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The Squeezable Healthy Snacks

Squeezable FruitWhen traveling, quick and easy snacks, HUGE bonus if they’re healthy snacks too, are a must! My toddler is a fan of all things tasty and Buddy Fruits might be one of her favorites! For our recent road trip to Disney World we packed loads of Buddy Fruits that I was provided to review. What a great decision!

When traveling, schedules are often off. That’s ok for me, Tom and the kindergartner (most of the time) but my near 2 year old makes it very clear when she’s hungry or tired. I kept a few different Buddy Fruit pouches in our back pack and at any moment I would take out a squeezable fruit and she would go to town! We kept her well-fed, we kept her happy!

Buddy Fruits

The Buddy Fruit’s were also ideal for the car ride. 4 hours can be long and everyone gets hungry and/or antsy. She enjoyed an apple/banana smoothie by Buddy Fruit mid-way through our trip. She was very satisfied.

Doling out the snacks during our weekend getaway to Disney was easy and healthy. Buddy Fruit is now available in gel (think Jell-O consistency) and fruit chips. The toddler wasn’t a fan of the gel but did love the chips. 

Buddy Fruits’ line of tasty, all-natural, 100% pure fruit products include:

–          Pure Blended Fruit

–          Pure Fruit Bites

–          Blended Fruit & Milk

–          Coconut Milk & Fruit

–          Superfruit

–          Pure Fruit Jiggle Gel (new product)

–          100% Apple Chips (new product)

To learn more about  the squeezable healthy snacks made by Buddy Fruits and the tremendous variety of flavors and snack types they now have available, visit them at:

All opinions and photos are my own. 

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