Thanking the Teacher Mom
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Thanking the Teacher Mom

All day long she has 25 students wanting her undivided attention. She gives it to them.

All day long she has students with runny noses and tissues falling out of their pockets. She picks them up.

All day long she has wiggly teeth being shown to her with the request to see if it’s loose enough. She smiles and checks.

All day long she tries to keep up with lesson plans, parents conferences and the demands of the school administration. She does her best.

All day long she sees straggling laces. She ties them.

All day long she passes out a test to a group of students who may or may not have studied. She grades them with relief that they learned what she taught.

And after all this, she gets in her car and drives home. She greets her own children trying to dismiss the exhaustion from the day.

All day long she has children looking at her wanting to learn. She teaches them and still is the best mom when she greats her own children.

Thank you Teacher Mom!

Teacher Mom

This year when you stop to enjoy the appreciation our loved ones show us for Mother’s Day, let us also remember our child’s “mom” all school day. Yes, the “teacher mom” is pretty incredible. She is a mom all day long to your child and dozens more and then she goes home and is a mom to her own children. She’s heard the whines and requests ALL DAY LONG from students and still has to act as if she hasn’t heard a single one when her own daughter asks her to help her with homework or son needs help finding his soccer uniform.Teacher Mom

In partnership with  the Florida Prepaid College Board, I want to thank all of the teacher moms out there, particularly those who teach my girls. Grab some tissues as you remember your own kids being so little when you watch this tearjerker Thank You, Mom video.


Let us all remember those teacher moms, nurse moms, lawyer moms and every other type of mom, that no matter what they may encounter during the day, they are ready to roll up their sleeves and continue being the mom they were meant to be.

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