6 Awesome Educational Games for Kids for Summer Learning
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6 Awesome Educational Games for Kids for Summer Learning

Keep Summer Learning with Awesome Educational Games for Kids

Maximize the over 8 weeks of summer vacation with opportunities to have family fun and learn with educational games for kids.  According to the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC, students can lose 1 month of school year learning over the summer. Do your part to keep that from happening!

Educational Games for Kids Options

There are many games on the market that not only promote fun, but promote learning, as well. The most awesome geeky products don’t even make it that obvious that they are educational. We all know how kids typically react when we tell them it’s time to learn, especially during the summer.

Most of you have already purchased the Summer Bridge Activities workbook to be sure the kids are practicing math, reading and writing skills all throughout the summer. These workbooks and the games, like the ones I suggested in my post 5 Car Ride Games to Occupy Time work well.  However, the educational games for kids I mention below are perfect to pack in the suitcase and bring them to grandma’s. She will love to play them, too.Educational Games for Kids

Educational Games Tested By Us

Over the years we have purchased or received all sorts of educational games that have been enjoyed, and even a few that we didn’t like so much. Below you’ll find awesome educational products that WE HAVE PLAYED & ENJOYED (and learned from!) that you can buy today and have the kids, family and friends using in no time.

The products below have links to purchase. Please note that these are affiliate links, providing me with a tiny commission on all sales made through my links. Thank you for supporting SmartyPantsMama with your purchases.

Awesome Educational Games for Kids

Most of these are Amazon Prime (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) eligible so you can take advantage of FREE shipping.

The Unofficial Guide to Learning with Lego®: 100+ Inspiring Ideas

I know you have plenty of Legos at home. While letting the kids use their imagination is perfect, a more structured approach to using this classic geeky toy is excellent. This book gives the kids 100s of ideas to create some of the most unusual creations.  

Educational Games for Kids

Magnetic Building Blocks

I can attest to how much the kids LOVE these.It isn’t often that both the 6 and 10 year old will agree on a toy to play with, but this one they do. Using magnetic edges, they carefully build all sorts of buildings. The creativity is endless with these magnetic blocks. Educational Games for Kids

Qwirkle Board Game

We LOVE this game. It is probably currently our favorite. Even the 6 year old gets the strategy involved in this game. This game also packs well because all the game pieces store in a drawstring tote.Educational Games for Kids


This game is mine from when I was a kid therefore that makes it a true classic. It’s pretty impressive that I maintained all the pieces for my own kids to enjoy it now. Strategy is needed and can get tough for the youngest at times. I love to play this, too! If you aren’t as fortunate as me to have your Mastermind from the 80s, be sure to order one for your kids. Educational Games for Kids


I still remember the first time we played this game. With Suspend players will work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as use strategic thinking and logic to remove crooked metal sticks from the game play. It’s tough, believe me.  Educational Games for Kids

20 Questions Board Game

In this game, players have to figure out the secret person, place or thing in only 20 questions. The entire family loves to play this. Some of the words can get difficult for our youngest, but for the most part, she can play along or team up with Mom or Dad. Many of us have played the non-board game version. I was skeptical about this board game when we first got it. Believe me, it’s worth it. Most of all, the game set-up adds more dimension to the game. Educational Games for Kids


More Educational Games for Kids

While these are our family favorites, there are many more awesome geeky products that are perfect for your family. Share your favorite game in a comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out.


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