5 Car Ride Games for Road Trips
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5 Car Ride Games for Road Trips

A family road trip may last a few hours, days or weeks. Sure enough you spend plenty of time with the kids in the car each week. “Mom, are we there yet?” gets old so finding car ride games to occupy and distract the kids from the drive are essential for Smart Mamas. I’ve shared some car games that don’t need too much parental involvement.  None of these games will take up a 9-hour drive, but they do pass some time! 

I try to steer away from electronic games and reading in the car because my girls tend to get car sick when we do. Road Trip Games

Car Ride Games

1.       ABC Outside: Starting with the letter A, we take turns finding items outside that begin with the letter. This game is a challenge, which has its advantage those mornings where she doesn’t stop!

2.       The Humming Game (titled by my daughter): essentially is Name that Tune.  The problem I’m facing is that anytime I try to figure out the song she’s humming I’m lost because it’s a made up song.  She’ll remark, “Oh mom, it’s “The flower in the garden grew beautiful after the rain…” or some other adorable self-created verse!

3.       Higher-Lower: The traditional guess the number game.  I use this game to introduce math terms like “greater than” and “less than” when she tries to guess the number in my head.

4.       Going on a Picnic:  I’ve mentioned this one before, Going on a Picnic! We jazz it up by insisting that the picnic items must be vegetables, girl names, other foods, or another category.

5.       The Rainbow: Totally created by my oldest daughter! We go through the colors of the rainbow finding objects outside with that color.  We’ve learned that there aren’t so many purple items along the streets of Miami!

So what games can I add to our car ride?  I’m hoping for some more ideas!!!

You can always hit up Amazon for some travel games that are perfect for entertaining. Here are some of my favorites:

    1. Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Game 
    2. Travel Bingo
    3. National Geographic Ultimate US Road Trip Atlas 

There are so many ways to pass the time during your family adventure. Share your favorite way in a comment below!



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  1. These are great games to play in the car. With two little girls, we will be using these idea on our next road trip for sure!

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