Smart Home: Going on a Picnic – A Traffic Distraction Game!

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 This classic repetitive chant is a perfect distraction on traffic filled days. This morning we faced fierce rain and tons of traffic on our way to camp.  A long drawn out game of “We’re Going on a Picnic” helped distract both mommy and the kid!

In the classic game players take turns repeating “We’re going on a picnic and we’re going to bring…” Each player adds a new item that starts with a different letter of the alphabet.  You begin with an item that starts with the letter A. The next player repeats the chant, the letter A item and adds a B item. You continue chanting the chorus, repeating every item in alphabetical order that has been included thus far and then your added a new item.  It’s a great game can get humorous a times when Grandpa and a llama are included in the picnic!

Smart Mama Move: Well today’s traffic was unusually heavy so I need to kick “We’re Going on a Picnic” up a notch with some variations.  To challenge my daughter, and myself, I suggested that the picnic only include animals.  This variation caused more thinking quiet time.   It was enough of a challenge that continued my daughter’s interest and kept the game fun!  And boy did it cause mommy to be alert trying to remember 26 animals in order from A-Z!

Here are a few more variations to try:

  • Foods
  • Names
  • Cities/countries
  • Certain number of syllables (older kids)

What other variations can we try?  What other car game do you play?


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