22 Jul, 2024
I know you want to stay warm with the cold weather that is approaching across the nation!  Here is a delicious YUMMY recipe that is sure to warm up tummies…
We had a fantastic time vacationing on the west coast of Florida, in Naples. We stayed at The Edgewater Hotel in a 1 bedroom suite. We traveled as a family…
Chef Boyardee Cook-Along on Teachable Moments! I love to cook. My daughter loves to cook. We love to cook together. It makes a GREAT fun activity. We recently rolled up…
I know I’m not alone….my medicine cabinet could be renamed the useless, expired stuff cabinet! I have cold medicine in there that I must have bought 5 years ago and…
These are the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls that have been issued from July 28 – August 3, 2010. As a reminder: In February 1996, CPSC issued guidelines(pdf) (which…

2017 Regal $1 Movie List

2017 Regal $1 Movie List The official list of the 2017 Regal Summer Movie Express has been released. Look through the list to determine the movies you will be bringing the kids to this summer! I find it to be a perfect summer outing. Great air conditioning and with a show time at 10 AM, the kids aren’t […]

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Top Tax Season Scams to Avoid this Season

Tax season is upon us and people are rushing to pull together their important documents and other information in preparation to file their taxes by deadline. Due to the amount of tax preparation being moved online through tax software, these types of scams are ever evolving. The reason they are so popular is because they are so profitable. […]

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Avoid Fake Shopping Apps and Scams

According to the New York Times, hundreds of fake retail apps have been popping up in recent weeks on Apple’s App Store. With online shopping becoming the venue of choice, shoppers are advised to beware of fake retail apps. These shopping apps act like and look like authentic shopping apps, but are actually scams targeting consumers’ private […]

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Warm Chocolate Melting Cake by Carnival Cruise Line

The Warm Chocolate Melting Cake made aboard Carnival Cruise Line ships is always well-received by my family. We make it a point to order it at least one time during a sailing. We were thrilled when Carnival Cruise Line release this coveted recipe to home bakers, ironically on National Chocolate Cake Day, this year! Carnival recommends […]

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Clean Your Oven Naturally

It’s easy to find a commercial chemically-based oven cleaner, but not as easy to find an all-natural one. Which is unfortunate, as chemical oven cleaners contain some pretty strong stuff! Luckily it’s not too hard to clean your oven with natural products (that you likely already own)! Here’s How to Clean Your Oven Naturally! How […]

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