Macys Culinary Council with Chef Ming Tsai

Chef Ming Tsai

Miami friends, mark your calendar and head to to reserve your spot at Chef Ming Tsai's Macy's Culinary Council appearance at Dadeland on December 12! Macy's Culinary Council events provide the chance to sit in the audience of renown chefs. It's a pretty incredible experience. Do you remember how my then 7 year old got cook with Chef Marcus Samuelson last Spring? That was an experience neither of us will ever forget! On December 12, Chef Ming Tsai will visit Macy's ... [ Read More ]

Book the Concierge Upgrade at Rosen Shingle Creek Orlando

Rosen Shingle Creek

We wanted to weekend getaway. We wanted to have fun and enjoy time together as a family.  An opportunity became available to book a concierge upgraded suite at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando. We packed our bags and headed North.  The Rosen Shingle Creek is located just over 10 miles from Walt Disney World, but that's not the only reason you stay there. This resort boast more than 1500 rooms, that are ample in size and full of amenities. The grounds have ... [ Read More ]

Stomach Flu at Home

stomach flu

I can't say we took turns. We did it together. Last week my entire family had the stomach flu, with 3 out of the 4 of us having it simultaneously. It was disgusting. We're good with washing our hands and using Purell but somehow it snuck into our home.  In this post, I will share our experience having the stomach flu at home, tips I've learned from fellow moms and products you will want to have on hand to prevent or deal with the the illness if it does wreck havoc in your ... [ Read More ]

Prepared for the Pediatrician

Prepared for the Pediatrician

Each year it is recommended to take your child for an annual check-up. Being prepared for the pediatrician doesn't just mean having your insurance card handy. This annual appointment gives the doc the chance to see how your little/big one has grown over the last year and make recommendations for vaccinations, healthy living and more. My 8 year old was prepared for the pediatrician with her list of concerns.  At this year's 8-year check up, my daughter came more prepared than most ... [ Read More ]

Busy Moms Managing Holiday Stress

Address Book for Christmas Photo Card

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for The Motherhood on behalf of the makers of Children’s MOTRIN® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Making a list and checking it twice isn't just a strategy that Santa uses. Unstoppable moms make lists. They make a grocery list, a list for things to do around the house, and they make list for things they need for the next school ... [ Read More ]

Grilling Omaha Steaks with the Family

Gridion Grilloff

South Floridians pull out those grills this time of year. You see, why the rest of you are starting to head indoors as the cooler weather approaches, South Floridians head outdoors for the cooler temps! Yes, we have a completely different view point of "cooler" temperatures. Regardless the temperature a steak cooked on the grill is DE-LISH! Actually, a steak cooked anywhere is DE-LISH, too! Our family loves the time of year where we can hang out outside with the ... [ Read More ]

Prevent the Flu with 3 Steps

Prevent the Flu

A challenge we face as moms is the potential of ourselves getting sick. I'll never forget that episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 where they went skiing. She refused to go ski because she couldn't put herself at risk of getting hurt. How would she be able to handle all her responsibilities of a very busy mom of 8 if she was hobbling around with crutches? I didn't get it then, but I do get it now. I'll do what it takes to prevent the flu or any other illness from getting me or my kiddos. My days ... [ Read More ]

Supporting School with Fuel Your School in Miami-Dade

Fuel Your School

I was a public school teacher for nearly 10 years. It was my life. It was before I was married, before I had kids. My students were my life. There was (nearly) nothing that I wouldn't purchase for my classroom if it meant providing a better learning opportunity for my students. I spent 100s and 100s of dollars every year. It warms my heart to learn of a program that made its way to Miami-Dade County Public School last year - a program that supports teachers just like I was back ... [ Read More ]

Master the Mango


Much of my South Floridian audience has something to say about mangos. Many of us have at least one mango tree in our backyard. We have one in the front and one in the back. Although still too young to produce fruit, we anticipate the day when we can grab a few fresh mangoes to make our delicious Avocado Mango Salad. Do you have a favorite mango recipe? For those of you north of Florida, mangoes aren't likely as much of a staple fruit as we see down here. But there is no reason to ... [ Read More ]

Baked Apple Chimichanga Recipe

Baked Apple Chimichanga

How can you use all those apples? Our Crockpot Homemade Applesauce is just as incredible as this recipe for Baked Apple Chimichangas.  Many of you are spending this time of year at the local apple orchards filling your baskets with freshly picked apples. While applesauce is great, this different take on an apple dessert recipe is just perfect for an autumn afternoon.  This is another cooking with kids recipes that they'll love to do with you! Plus, get ready for that ... [ Read More ]