23 May, 2024
This month more dogs will be grilled and consumed than any other month of the year. I’m sure the increase of summertime BBQs has an impact on summer hot dog…
Spiced nuts are in the oven! Each year I make about a million batches of a special spiced nuts recipe that a colleague shared with me over 10 years ago. …
ProductCozyCare Cape Smarty Pants ReviewWow, it’s like the mommy behind the creation of CozyCare Cape heard my moans and groans! CozyCare Cape puts the need of a soft bath towel…
Ok, so there is no excuse now Smart Mamas! I’ve learned of a new website, that even comes with an app for your Blackberry or iPhone! This site GoodFoodNearYou.com provides…
Tomorrow is a BIG DAY! FINALLY, I’m getting rid of my trash treasures! My husband and I are having a garage sale and I couldn’t be more excited!  Honestly, I…

7 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for Kids: Engaging, Creative and Fun Summer is a time for kids to recharge, explore, and have fun outside the confines of the classroom. It provides the perfect opportunity for children to engage in activities that are not only entertaining but also enriching. As parents, it’s crucial to encourage our kids to make […]

4 mins read

7 Smart Ways to Make Family Travel Affordable

As Smart Mamas, you are looking for ways to make family travel affordable. You want to provide your children the opportunities to explore the world, see different cultures, and have fun. I get it. However, your bank account doesn’t. Using clever ways, family travel can be more affordable. Some ways work better than others. 7 […]

5 mins read

6 Awesome Educational Games for Kids for Summer Learning

Keep Summer Learning with Awesome Educational Games for Kids Maximize the over 8 weeks of summer vacation with opportunities to have family fun and learn with educational games for kids.  According to the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC, students can lose 1 month of school year learning over the summer. […]

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Thanking the Teacher Mom

All day long she has 25 students wanting her undivided attention. She gives it to them. All day long she has students with runny noses and tissues falling out of their pockets. She picks them up. All day long she has wiggly teeth being shown to her with the request to see if it’s loose […]

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