Selecting the Best Credit Card for Travel

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We see the offers All.The.Time for earning point from credit cards. Selecting the best credit card for travel perks is important. You can earn the points on purchases and use them for all sorts of things – including airline tickets, hotel stays and more.

We used AMEX Platinum credit Card points a few years ago to purchase flights for our Thanksgiving in NY trip. It was like a free trip. In my mind, a credit card point is like a dollar which is like Monopoly money – free money that has very little guilt when you use it. best credit card for travel

Check your mail today or look at a least a few ads popping up on a webpage sidebar and you’ll some advertisements for credit cards – that more often than not offering a perk in terms of points with your purchases.

So how do you decide which credit credit is the best for your spending habits? They all seem so good, but there are definitely differences. One big difference is the annual fee. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not.

Best Credit Card for Travel Comparison

To get the all the details on what’s what with earning points from credit cards I recommend reading this comprehensive article by The Points Guy. He thoroughly goes through several credit card options, providing his opinion on each. Remember it’s his opinion but heavily based on facts and experience.

Let me know what you think. Which has been best credit card for travel rewards for your family?

best credit card for travel

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