23 May, 2024

PR Inquiries

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Do you have a product that all Smart Mamas should have?

Does your product help mamas save time, money or stress?

Do you have a cause that moms should be aware of?

Do you have an event that is looking for publicity?

Do you represent/own an attraction (restaurant, theme park…) that more moms should know about?

With nearly a THOUSAND readers a week, a product review on SmartyPantsMama.com will provide tremendous exposure to your top clients – moms!

Product review:

  1. Provide product specs to SmartyPantsMama [at] gmail [dot] com
    Name of Product
    Product’s Purpose:
    What makes this product essential for Smart Moms?
    Retail Value:
    Image of product
  2. Provide a product to review. I will provide you with a mailing address after I receive the above information.  Review product cannot be returned.
  3. Set aside an identical/similar product for the giveaway. When the winner is selected I will notify you of their mailing information and you can send it directly to them.

For a cause:

Provide detailed information and images.

Example posting about a cause: http://smartypantsmama.com/2009/08/fresh-air-fund…the-inner-city/

For an event, including Twitter Parties:


Provide detailed information on location, purpose and anticipated outcome.

Example posting after Twitter Party: http://smartypantsmama.com/2010/04/flower-power-the-power-of-flowers/

For a attraction (including restaurant and hotel):

Provide details on the attraction and why it would be an ideal spot for Smart Mamas. Coordinate a site visit.

Thank you for taking the time to visit SmartyPantsMama.com!

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