7  Best Medical Supplies for Family Travel
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7 Best Medical Supplies for Family Travel

Getting sick on vacation stinks; there is nothing good about it. There are lots of ways to best prepared for family travel, however, one of most important steps is to pack the right medical items. What do you pack?

Preparing for Family Travel

As a Smart Mama, make smart decisions on what to pack to be best prepared, for instance, pack the medical items your family may need.

Smart Mamas, please prepare for the worst, ok maybe not the very worst, but please be prepared! A very well-traveled mom of 2, shared that when traveling, especially aboard a cruise or destination outside the USA, she packs as if her kids are going to get diarrhea, a bizarre allergic reaction, headache and a nasty blister. For that matter, expect the same to happen to you and your spouse.

Especially when abroad, the medical needs we are accustomed to aren’t always available. Know the dosage of the medicine for each child. You don’t want to try to figure out what’s what in the heat of the moment, therefore, be prepared.

Medical Supplies for Family Travel

  1. Ibuprofen – We buy the enormous value pack, but I only bring about a dozen or two for me & my spouse, plus the children’s version! Buy ibuprofen
  2. Antibacterial Ointment – A dab or two on a small would can do wonders! Buy antibacterial ointment
  3. Allergy medicine – You never know who will touch what or swallow what! Plus, many moms love its effect to get restless kids to sleep on planes! Buy allergy medicine
  4. Band-aids – Cuts, blisters and more need band-aids! Buy band-aids
  5. Antibacterial Gel – It doesn’t cure a cold but can sure help you not get one! Buy antibacterial gel
  6. Thermometer – Can’t always rely on the back of your hand or a kiss on the forehead. Stash one of these in your bag! Buy a thermometer
  7. Plastic Bags – Fill them with ice or warm water to give your body the compress it needs. (I recommend double bagging – you don’t want a wet mess!) Buy plastic bags

First Aid Kit for Family Travel

Most of these 7 medical supplies for family travel can be found in first aid kits that are readily available. Alternatively, you can make your own first aid kit by individually purchasing the items mentioned above and tossing them into a sealable bag.

If you’re looking for a ready-made first aid kit for family travel, check out some of these listed below:

Your body doesn’t care that you are on vacation when it hits you with the flu, allergies, a nasty cold, strep throat or ear infection. The dreadful occurrence of a kid getting sick is even worse. Bon voyage on your next trip. Be prepared, Smart Mama!

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