Teen Experience: Top Experiences for Teens
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Teen Experience: Top Experiences for Teens

Giving gifts for the kids who has it all is difficult. What do you get him/her? Do they really need it or even want it? With basements, playrooms and bedrooms full of every gadget and toy imaginable, not to mention the obsession with their phone, finding a gift that they will remember, not outgrow, lose or forget, is a great move. Giving a tween or teen experience will last forever!

Miami Marlins Teen Experience
Miami Marlins Game Experience

Sporting Events for a Teen Experience

Opening day at the baseball stadium is sure to bring a lasting core memory for the child. If a major league baseball team isn’t close by, look at the farm teams or even college teams. We’ve brought our girls to several Marlins baseball games. We’ve sat in the nosebleeds and we’ve sat in the 1st row. Both are memorable – well, the 1st row maybe a little more! The girls don’t know all that much about baseball – their dad’s favorite sport to play growing up. Going to a live game provided him the chance to share the love and teach the game to his little girls.

Tennis matches can be fun, too. But, to be honest, can be a bit dull to watch if you aren’t into tennis. This year we went to the Miami Open. My 10 and 15 year old girls each got to bring a friend. The tweens goofed off while the rest of us watched the match a bit more intently. Regardless, the entire experience of being at a night time tennis match, enjoying the atmosphere and more, will certainly be remembered by my girls and even their friends.

Florida Panthers for a Teen Experience

Staycation for Lots of Teen Experiences

I promise you have not done it all in your city. I grew up 45 minutes outside of New York City. We rarely experienced it as tourists. Why? I guess the hassle. I wish we had. We only did the touristy stuff when family or friends would come in town. Invite your tween/teen to a day or weekend of the sites!

Why not look for a CityPASS for your closest metro area and hit up the museums, historical attractions and all those things that people put on their list when they visit? Sites like that one, have curated worthwhile things to do in the area. No more hunting for where to go. Your tween or teen will love many, but not necessarily all, the attractions. It’s a great teen experience that they will have fun with.

We did this when we went to Paris. It made traveling for attraction to attraction much easier. Plus, it can save you a considerable amount of money with entry fees.

Teen Experience in Paris with CityPASS

Music Concerts Might be the Best Teen Experience

When my daughter turned 15 we weren’t sure what to give her. Being of Cuban descent, the quinces (15s) birthday is a big deal. Many friends throw incredible, sometimes quite extravagant parties. That’s not what she wanted.

Looking online on what to do, a upcoming concert caught my eye. I quickly asked her if she would be interested in going to a Harry Styles concert. I think she nearly fainted as she screamed, Yes!

We quickly researched for the best seats and her quinces was all set. She and two friends (plus her sister and me) would be going to Harry Styles to celebrate her birthday.

I can promise you that she will never forget that teen experience.

Best Teen Experience: Music Concert

Other Experiences

What other experiences would teens/tween enjoy? Please drop a comment so I can add it to this list.

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