Gift a College Education
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Gift a College Education

We are often stuck with what to get a baby as his/her first gift. Another blanket? Another board book? A cute outfit for his/her next party? While each of these gifts are darling and will be well-appreciated, Smart Mamas and Grand Mamas ought to consider gifting that baby a college education instead.

Yes, you can give a college education as a gift! Don’t worry, you won’t shell out tens of thousands of dollars before the baby turns one. With Florida Prepaid, a gift-giver can open a new account or support an already established fund. First step, is to get the info from Florida Prepaid, then reach out to the Baby Mama to coordinate.

But the Baby Isn’t a Baby

Enrolling a future college student in Florida Prepaid isn’t just for newborns. Regardless of age, any child, ages 0-18, can have a Florida Prepaid Plan opened for them. Think of your nieces, nephews, Godchildren, and of course your own offspring. They all will appreciate the great savings they will have in the future with this gift.

Great Rates!

This year’s rates haven’t changed from 2018, so it’s a great time to take advantage of the cost-saving opportunity.  Instead of the baby/child/teen holding the burden of student loans that so many of us have endured, let’s pass a different legacy onto the next generation of college students.

Florida Prepaid Fee Waiver Code

An added bonus of a $30 fee waiver – use SMART15 when enrolling is available for a limited time.

Additional Information on Gifting Florida Prepaid

Option 1: Enroll the future student and through monthly payments from launch to college, prepay the tuition.
Option 2: Provide a one-time gift towards the future students Florida Prepaid Plan. See details below and check with the family to ensure he/she is enrolled.

Can other people contribute to a Florida Prepaid Plan? If you have friends and family who want to contribute to your Florida Prepaid Plan, you can invite them to send a check and Gift Certificate Form to PO Box 31088, Tampa, FL 33631. Please make sure the person sending the gift includes an account number and your student’s name to help us properly post the funds to your plan. – My Florida Prepaid

Ready, Set, Enroll!

This gift will provide so much to that little baby in his/her future. As daunting as the gift might seem, it truly is the smartest gift a loved one can give.
Are you ready to enroll? Visit Florida Prepaid to get more information.

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