How to Prepare the Family for Back to School
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How to Prepare the Family for Back to School

It is “back to school season” across the country. While some students return at the start of August, others don’t return until the Wednesday after Labor Day, and everyone else, sometime in between. Regardless of the start date, the are ways moms can help with the transition from summer fun to school fun. As moms, we need to do our part to best prepare the family for back to school. We all need to be ready.

With a rising 2nd and 6th grader in the house, I want to share with you 5 simple things I do these weeks leading up to their first day of school. These tips help make those initial weeks smoother for the entire family. Through partnership with Florida Prepaid, I have put together these tips.

Family Back to School Tips

  1. Adjust bed times! If your kids have enjoyed late summer nights and late summer mornings, they are going to be in shock when they suddenly have to be asleep when the sun is still up. Ease your kids into their school-time schedule with earlier bedtimes and earlier wake-ups in the weeks leading up to the 1st day of school.
  2. School Supply Set! The savings are out there. It’s time to be sure that you not only have supplies for day 1 but for the rest of the year. Use these supplies to set up your homework station with pencils, pens, crayons and more.
  3. Out with the old! A new school year is a perfect time to start fresh with much in your home. Clean out drawers – including socks and underwear for the year. Crisp new socks and underwear and other clothing items are great additions to their school attire and after-school fun. There is no need to deal with socks with holes on their first day.
  4. Set the menu! What’s for breakfast? What’s in the lunchbox? What’s the after-school snack? What’s for dinner? Now it’s time to start working on your school year menu plan. Find recipes quick and easy recipes that the whole family will enjoy.
  5. Look for the savings! Back to school time for the kids, is also back to school thinking for mom and dad. This is a great time of year to focus not only on the upcoming school year, but those many years ahead. While your kids may be in kindergarten or 5th grade, college days will be here soon. During the back to school season, Florida Prepaid is rewarding families who enroll in a Florida Prepaid College Plan. They are waiving the $50 application fee. This promotion is available through September 2nd. Learn more about making a Florida Prepaid College Plan part of your back to school checklist at Be sure to use the promo code BTSBLOG18

Back to school time can be hectic. Don’t let it be. Take advantage of the tips and advice outlined above to help you maximize time and savings this new school year and best prepare the family for back to school

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