Mummy Hot Dogs for Halloween
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Mummy Hot Dogs for Halloween

Make Mummy Hot Dogs for Halloween for a spooky meal! It’s a fun cooking with kids activity that will produce a tasty treat at the end!

I had so much fun with my girls making those Mummy Hot Dogs! They are great activity for the kids. The ingredients are simple and the flavor is perfect, especially for kids. We even make them not during Halloween and call them wrapped dogs instead! See our video of how to make these hot dog treats!

These hot dogs can be made with or without cheese.They can even be made with a pickle! Be sure to have ketchup to dip into! Maybe the ketchup could be the blood! Spooky!


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Enjoy your Mummy Hot Dogs and most importantly, enjoy cooking with the kids! Mummy Hot Dog

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  2. So cute! I just bought some crescent rolls at the store, too. Perfect! I don’t usually put cheese in mine, but it sure looks yummy. Might have to try that this time around. #typeaparent

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