18 Jul, 2024

Munchkin Monday – Meet Baby Erin Danielle

SmartyPantsMama is excited to announce this week’s Munchkin Monday, Baby Erin Danielle! Name: Erin Danielle Birthday: May 25, 2007 Age: 10.5 months Likes: Music, puppies, singing…she sings and dances to everything, including her mommy’s acoustic band – it’s hilarious to watch her sing/dance around. Dislikes: Wearing clothes, baths…oatmeal. She’s taking baby steps right now, literally. […]

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Munchkin Monday! Meet Baby Isabella!

Smarty Pants Mama is pleased to annouce this week’s Munchkin! Name: Isabella MarieAge: 17 monthsBirthday: 10/25/06 Likes: building towers with her blocks and knocking them down, “reading” books, holding and playing with her dolls, playing with her grandfather (Lolo), watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, “splash-splash” (bathtime), applesauce, going “bye-bye”, climbing where she shouldn’t climb, Elmo, moo-ing […]

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Recall Wednesday!!!

Last week I recommended the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSV) listserv (www.recall.gov) to receive current recall information on the products in your home. As a current subscriber of this listserv, I will post any recall information I receive on this blog on Wednesdays – hence Recall Wednesday! On the right sidebar of this […]

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Fishful Thinking!

My daughter is beginning her toddler years and her personality is really starting to shine through. She has a great sense of humor, finding everyone and everything hysterical! She is pretty even tempered, although at times she does have a tiny temper tantrum when she has to wait for a certain toy or a cookie. […]

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Crib Climber – AHHHHHH

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! So my munchkin will turn 17 months in 10 days, yet on Saturday she reached a milestone that the majority of toddlers don’t reach until well into 2 years – she climbed out of her crib!!! As a parent, this is a very terrifying moment. A child’s size and strength with […]

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What’s in your playroom? Is it recall time?

So these toy recalls don’t want to stop. It feels like every week we’re hearing about lead paint on a toy that was made in China. I get nervous when I read about these. Does my daughter have one of these toys on her play shelf, at Nana’s or at her cousin’s house? Rather than […]

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The Better TV

[ad#Google in Content] My husband swore that Barney would never play at our house – this was obviously before our little one was born and he became the biggest mush for her. With nearly a dozen “kid” channels available, we’ve found that Sprout TV, the PBS Kids, toddler version, to be the best. It plays […]

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Let’s Get This Party Started!

It’s PARTY TIME!!!! I have been invited to participate in this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom! ! It’s a great opportunity to learn about mommy-made blogs and blog readers! That means you too! Check out the site and see the over 1000 blogs listed and maybe even win a prize! […]

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Ok, so I’ve caved a little …I promise I’ll change!

Have you noticed that your viewpoint on child rearing has undoubtedly changed since you’ve began rearing your own? Were you one of those who muttered under their breath when you saw a mom feed their child a candy bar just before dinner time, or let their child run a circus show at a restaurant? I […]

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Be a cheapskate!!!

Ok, so we hear over and over again that kids are expensive. However, not until you begin to experience the near daily trips to Publix or Target, do you see how the cost of diapers, averaging 20 cents a piece or wipes for $5.00 a box, adds up so quickly! Diapers – did you ever […]

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And we’re running….

I’m super excited to begin sharing with you my many different experiences and successes I’ve had with my beautiful daughter. Experiences make us smarter moms. Think of those 1st few days with your little one. Remember how clueless and nervous you were with that 1st bath. You sweated over if the water was warm enough, […]

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