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And we’re running….

I’m super excited to begin sharing with you my many different experiences and successes I’ve had with my beautiful daughter. Experiences make us smarter moms. Think of those 1st few days with your little one. Remember how clueless and nervous you were with that 1st bath. You sweated over if the water was warm enough, or if the washcloth was the soapy one or the one to water rinse your bundle of joy. At last you were done and considered yourself an ole pro! I like to think that we, as moms, become smarter and smarter with each and every experience. Think about everything you did with your children yesterday, you became knowledgeable – smarter- on being a mom!

With each post, I will share a website or other resource that has proven to be super helpful in making me a smart mom! Websites on all things baby/toddlers/kiddies, including where to find the best prices on diapers, formula and even baby shoes, will be shared! You will soon rely on SmartyPantsMama as your go-to for the latest and greatest resources to make you the smartest mom!

I am always looking to expand my bag of tricks, please email me: Sm*************@gm***.com

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