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Be a cheapskate!!!

Ok, so we hear over and over again that kids are expensive. However, not until you begin to experience the near daily trips to Publix or Target, do you see how the cost of diapers, averaging 20 cents a piece or wipes for $5.00 a box, adds up so quickly!

Diapers – did you ever think that a human being could dirty a diaper with the frequency of your new little munchkin?? Are you using formula – averaging $25 per container!? There has to be – and there is – ways to use cost saving tips and coupons that will save you TONS as you adventure to properly dress, feed and clean your peanut!

This week I want to HIGHLY recommend BabyCheapSkate.com. This site provides frequent, near daily, updates on the latest and greatest deals for moms.

Real Story: Last summer I visited the site, based on a friend’s recommendation. One of the 1st reviews I read was about saving TONS on Gerber Baby Food. At the time, we were spending about $0.80 for a 2 pack of food for the baby. The coupon that BabyCheapskate.com recommended allowed to me spend $0.02 per 2 pack!!!! Isn’t that crazy! That’s a 98% savings!!! My husband and I went to Target, where the coupon was accepted, and bought nearly their entire food supply! Our cupboards were full for some time! It was great. Rumor has it that Target caught on to this ridiculous deal and pulled the coupon!

I recommend that you tag BabyCheapskate.com as a favorite and visit it frequently to learn the latest and greatest deals. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to buy diapers for less than $0.17 a piece (that’s the best deal we’ve found for size 5 diapers.)

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