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Munchkin Monday – Meet Munchkin Amelia NiCole!

I am pleased to annouce this week’s Munchkin Monday, Munchkin Ameilia NiCole! Thank you so much to Amelia’s mommy for sharing not only her munchkin, but an interesting story on the naming of her children!

Name: Amelia NiCole

Nickname: Mia

Birthday: August 7th, 2005

Age: 2.5 years

Current Favorites:

Things – Buzz Light Year, Lightening McQueen, puppies, baby dolls

Activities – Re-arranging everything in sight, “decorating” walls, floors, herself, and anything else within reach (with fingernail polish, crayons, etc) and otherwise making the worst disasters that she can manage, sleeping with shoes on (and has done so for months now.)

Phrases – What color is it? Who named it/you? and of course – Why?

Current Dislikes: Having a single spec of dirt or wetness on her clothes and being in a room alone for a single second (even the bathroom.)

I know there is a special munchkin in your life! Maybe it’s your daughter, your son, God-daughter/son, cousin or niece/nephew! Would you like your munchkin featured in Munchkin Monday? If so, please email photo of your Munchkin, name, birthday, likes, dislikes and any other funny/interesting information. Email: SmartyPantsMama at gmail dot com.
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3 thoughts on “Munchkin Monday – Meet Munchkin Amelia NiCole!

  1. Hey that’s one of my munchkins!
    What a joy to have her as this week’s featured munchking!Thanks Caroline, for all the work you do for Munchkin Monday!

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