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The Better TV

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My husband swore that Barney would never play at our house – this was obviously before our little one was born and he became the biggest mush for her. With nearly a dozen “kid” channels available, we’ve found that Sprout TV, the PBS Kids, toddler version, to be the best. It plays favorites such as Thomas & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, Kipper, Fireman Sam, Sagwa, Sesame Street and of course Barney! They also have three main shows a day, The Sunny Side Up Show, The Let’s Go Show and The Good Night Show. In each of these three programs, the host sings, dances and introduces the different episodes that are shown during the show. There is very much a routine involved; the same programs are played in a specific order. For example, Kipper always comes on around 6:20 PM after Nina and Star, hosts of The Good Night Show, sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This is my daughter’s favorite! We do change the channel on occasion to catch a Wonder Pets or Backyardigans episode!
What are your, and of course your little one’s, favorite TV shows and channels?

3 thoughts on “The Better TV

  1. My toddler loves Sprout TV too and some of our favorites are: Barney, Bounce, Sesame Street, and Kipper. 🙂

  2. BTW,have you listed your blog on HMP’s directory yet? If not, pls send me your blog info and I will be more than happy to add you. Have a nice evening! 🙂

  3. the Good Night Show is our routine at night. We put on pj’s, brush our teeth, and then watch a little bit!

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