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Ready for College?

Sitting up, crawling, walking, and first words are mighty milestones, however the inevitable still lingers, your little one will grow and have her first day of kindergarten, join a soccer team, go on 1st dates, drive a car, and begin the college days.

In the little more than 10 years that I graduated college, my school has already nearly doubled in tuition and room and board costs. To think that in about 16 years my peanut will be completing applications for her favorite schools! Will we have the financing in place to support her dreams?
I’ve come across a great website, www.collegesavings.org, that will undoubtedly assist you, and me, in finding exactly what’s needed to take advantage of state and national programs to save for the little one’s future education. The 529 programs allow you to save today, at the prices of today for the anticipated high costs of the future. Make this your promise to be a SmartyPantsMama this month – get the college funds in place!

I would love to learn of success you have had with college investment plans. Please share a comment and respond to the poll right!!!

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