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Munchkin Monday! Meet Baby Isabella!

Smarty Pants Mama is pleased to annouce this week’s Munchkin!

Name: Isabella Marie
Age: 17 months
Birthday: 10/25/06

Likes: building towers with her blocks and knocking them down, “reading” books, holding and playing with her dolls, playing with her grandfather (Lolo), watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, “splash-splash” (bathtime), applesauce, going “bye-bye”, climbing where she shouldn’t climb, Elmo, moo-ing like a cow and hiss-ing like a snake!

Dislikes: having her diaper changed, going to bed, having a toy taken away from her, watching her daddy go “bye-bye” (to work), waiting, having her hair washed

I know there is a special munchkin in your life! Maybe it’s your daughter, your son, God-daughter/son, cousin or niece/nephew! Would you like your munchkin featured in Munchkin Monday? If so, please email photo of your Munchkin, name, birthday, likes, dislikes and any other funny/interesting information. Email: SmartyPantsMama at gmail dot com.

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