Herb Guide to Cooking

Many of us have started an herb garden in the hopes of at least harvesting one ingredient! In this post, I’ll share some tools, tips and an herb guide to cooking. I hope to inspire each of you to begin with what I consider the beginner’s garden – the herb garden!

Herb Gardening

If you still need help beginning your herb garden, I highly recommend purchasing something like this Herb Garden Starter Kit :


After you’ve planted, tendered, watered and loved your herbs you will soon be ready to clip them and enjoy them. If you don’t already have, you’ll want to purchase Pruning Scissors     like these:

Carefully snip your herbs from the top of the plant, rather than the bottom. Be sure to harvest regularly to encourage growth.

Next wrap the herbs in either a wet paper towel and keep them in the fridge or use an Herb Keeper       like this one:

Cooking with Herbs

Now you are ready to use them in your cooking! Check our this herb guide for cooking to inspire you in your meal planning with your own homegrown (or store bought if necessary) herbs!


 Herbs are often grown in backyard garden or even in indoor windowsills.  Use this Herb Guide to Cooking to help you actually use the herbs you’re growing in the garden this year!


Herb Guide To Cooking [Infographic] by the team at heitonbuckley



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