Do This, Not That, on the Carnival Vista
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Do This, Not That, on the Carnival Vista

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Sailing the Carnival Vista

You want to have the best family vacation ever. You KNOW that a family cruise is always fun for EVERYONE! How about sailing on the beautiful Carnival Vista? Based on our experience, taking a family cruise on the Vista is an excellent idea!  We sailed the Vista in December and had a great time! On this biggest Carnival ship, we learned what families MUST & MUSTN’T do. Check out our recommendations below.

Carnival Vista Must-Dos


This first-at -sea attraction is incredible. Adventurous riders, including moms like me who are NOT typically adventurous enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Vista. Riders climb aboard hanging recumbent-like bikes to cycle their way around the 800-foot suspended track with panoramic views from 150 feet above the sea. You will get the BEST views of the sea or port when you ride the SkyRide.

I was recommended to ride it on a port day so you can see the port. Unfortunately timing didn’t work out so we rode it on my final Sea Day. Also, cameras/videos can be used when riding as long as they are attached to you and not in your hand. Yes, get your self a Go Pro head piece and film this awesome ride!

Look at me ride the Carnival SkyRide! I was petrified! (Note, I scream on Dumbo!)

Specialty Dining

I’ve shared this numerous times – Carnival does specialty dining better. There are various specialty dining options on the Vista. We indulged at:

  • Fahrenheit 555 – This has always been one of our favorites. We can’t get over the deal you get for the money at this Carnival steakhouse. For $35, you enjoy a full steak dinner that is equivalent to the finest steakhouse in town. Incredible deal! I like to wear a little black dress to this mom & dad dining night. Carnival Vista Steak
  • Ji-Ji – Did you know that Ji-Ji means lucky? Well, passengers who dine here sure are lucky. The food is so good. The service is as well. I do recommend dining with a group no larger that 6 because it can get tricky ordering the right amount of food for this family style Asian restaurant. $15/person
  • Mi Cucina – Italian family style dining done right. Just like an Italian restaurant in NYC’s Little Italy, diners will enjoy so many Italian meals that Grandma always makes just right. This restaurant has always been a big hit with our kids, too. $15/person


The BIGGEST at sea! Yes, the Carnival Vista has the biggest IMAX anywhere on water. IMAX claims to be the world’s most immersive movie experience. I couldn’t agree more. We walked into the theater and felt like we were at a theater at home. Carnival Vista IMAXThe screen ratio is made specifically for IMAX movies, giving viewers the very best viewing experience. According to Carnival, “The enhanced content IMAX develops plays through IMAX’s proprietary, state-of-the-art projection systems that deliver lifelike, crystal-clear images (60% brighter and 30% more contrast than standard theaters) to create a visual experience so real it will take your breath away whether 2D or 3D.” Tom and my oldest saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them one night during our sailing. Passengers can catch many of the latest Hollywood films right on board! It’s a great Sea Day activity or even late night after a filling dinner.

What NOT to do on the Carnival Vista

FunTimes Over Planning

Each evening you will receive a FunTimes of the coming day. This flyer is FILLED with the time and location of all sorts of activities going on. Your family trip is a vacation. Don’t try doing it all. Your kids and spouse will be exhausted. Find a few things each day and be OK if it doesn’t work out because you were busy having fun somewhere else. Carnival Vista

Wait Until the Last Day

We waited until the last Sea Day to go on the SkyRide. That was a HUGE mistake. The only caveat with this exclusive sea experience is the line. The SkyRide is closed if it too windy. That happened on one of our Sea Days so on the final Sea Day the line was very long – we waited in line for nearly 2 hours. My advice is head up there as early in the cruise as possible since most people tend to wait until the end. Was it worth it? Yes and no. I LOVED it but that was too much time to spend in line on a vacation.Carnival Sky RIde

Stick to the Buffet

There are so many dining options aboard the Carnival Vista. From Asian, to Italian to a GREAT steakhouse. Although they do cost a nominal fee, it’s a great opportunity to try a new-to-you cuisine. Also, don’t be hesitant to bring the kids! A child with a broad palette is something we should strive for. The buffet does serve some good food but be careful with the lines.

Booking Your Carnival Vista Trip

The Vista runs a year-round schedule of six- and eight-day cruises.  Six-day cruises feature Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, while a mix of different eight-day itineraries visit some of the Caribbean’s most sought-after destinations, including Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and La Romana (Dominican Republic). Beginning in late 2018, the Carnival Vista will move its homeport to Galveston, TX. 

What will you do first? What will you keep off your list?

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Other Cruising Resources for Families

Our family were invited guests of this cruise sailing. All experiences are our own and not influenced.

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    1. Great question!
      I recommend doing it through the cruise line because that guarantees that the ship will not leave without you if the excursion is delayed. This happened to us on our last sailing!
      One time we chose not to do a cruise line excursion and just explored the city but never really go too far away from the port. This was in Cozumel.

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