Room Service When Cruising with Kids
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Room Service When Cruising with Kids

Cruising with Kids Tip: Order room service breakfast to arrive just as the kids are waking up. It’s free & keeps the kids occupied!

It might have been the best advice given to me before we set sail aboard the Carnival Breeze before our first trip. Each night I filled out the breakfast room service door hang and left it on our door knob. Between 7-7:30 AM the next morning, a knock on the door would present breakfast items for the kids and hot coffee for me. It was perfect.

But there is breakfast offered at the dining room and the Lido Marketplace?

Yes, but as the kids were waking up and becoming antsy, our room service tray had cold milk, bagels, danishes and fresh fruit for them. They could watch a downloaded movie on the iPad (thank you Big Grips) and munch away. Meantime, Tom and I had the chance to get our morning going. Take our showers, use the bathroom and figure out what exciting activities to do while the kids were being fed and entertained.  I would also order extra cereal boxes and milk to keep in the room. A box of Cheerios or Frosted Flakes came in handy many times during the afternoon!


Breakfast x2, Sometimes!

At times the Room Service Breakfast would suffice for us, but other times we headed to one of the restaurants for a bigger more enjoyable breakfast. Tom’s favorite was the Punchliner Brunch. Every hour or so a comedian would preform a 5 minute skit. The jokes really weren’t that great, but they were family friendly and a bit entertaining. The best part was the food – a fantastic brunch! It was available on sea days.

Ordering room service breakfast isn’t always an option when we are traveling because it is typically very expensive. But when cruising, it’s included!  Cruising with kids can be even better with complementary services like this!

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