Top Posts of 2015

You arrived on SmartyPantsMama and what did you read? According to Google Analytics, the following 10 pages were my most read in 2015. 

  1. How to Make a Photo Booth for a Barbie Party
  2. DIY Microwave Popcorn
  3. Turning a Stinky Sponge Into a Clean Sponge
  4. DIY Idea for a PVC Towel Rack
  5. The Easiest Yummiest London Broil
  6. Gifts for Someone Far Away
  7. Easy Motion Sickness Remedies
  8. How to Make Your Own Sandwich Platter
  9. How to Use Taco Meat Leftovers
  10. Organized Travel Planning

Which post was your favorite? Did it make the list?

Top Posts of 2015

Plans for 2016

I am working on my editorial calendar for 2016. I have great plans with great stories on travel, recipes and great homemaking ideas. Can’t wait to share them.

If you have a destination that you would love for the Smarty Pants Mama family to visit, please let us know!

Is there a dish you are eager to learn to make? Let me know and I will learn and share the how-to with you!

Challenged with a parenting or homemaking situation? Let me know so I can help.

Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!


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