DIY Idea: PVC Piping Towel Rack

In need of a towel rack to dry and store pool towel. How about a DIY Towel Rack made of PVC pipes?

Earlier this week I shared my enthusiasm about the Ballard Designs Medallion Pool Valet. DIY Towel Rack I just loved the style of it but I was intimidated about the look of the towels and the possibility of moist towels with all the South Florida summer heat & humidity. 

Today I was inspired to search for PVC piping ideas thanks to a conversation with the clever and exhausted mom, Alexis Prieto. I headed to Google and Pinterest searching for ways to create a towel holder using relatively inexpensive PVC piping. 

DIY PVC Piping Ideas

I’m late to the PVC piping game, but that’s ok. There are so many useful ways to use the pipes – ways I’m sort of shocked about!  Through my searches today, I put together a Pinterest Board on DIY PVC Piping Projects. Take a look at the board and see if it inspires you. I’m inspired!

DIY Towel Rack

Of course I found a PVC Towel Rack – because now I’m thinking you can do anything and everything with PVC pipes! This rack is VERY different than what I had seen on Ballard Designs. It’s functional. It’s a perfect spot to hang and dry the towel, store pool toys and more. But, would you leave the towels here as storage? 

Follow Caroline Murphy’s board DIY PVC Piping Projects on Pinterest.

Making the DIY Towel Rack

So I mentioned it to Tom (@SmartyPantsDada) and he got all “Bob Vila” on me…talking in loads of construction language that lost me. At the end of the day, he thinks we can easily do it. He estimates the cost of the pipe to be around $60+. I thought that was a little high so I’ll need to do some research on my own! I’ll post updates!


  1. HC Reich says

    Rigid conduit (usually gray) is less expensive than PVC. It can use PVC couplers. Might be an option for you.

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