Pool Towel Shelves, Necessary?

I’m in that mood. You know when you just want to get something. Not clothing. I’m feeling the need of some sort of a home good. I’m feeling something in the patio, something for the pool. 

Pool Shelf at Ballard Designs

The most recent of catalog of Ballard Designs arrived this weekend and I paged through and found something I like. Surprise, surprise. But, it’s something that I’m not sure if i need. Look:

Organizing Towels

Towel control and organization can be a challenge in our backyard. But, will something like this really work for us? First, look at how pretty the towels are in the photo. Our pool towels are a random assortment of freebies and faded out ones. No matter how well I fold them they will never look that good. So do I buy new towels to go with this shelving unit? Also, I’m not sure if storing the towels in the backyard during the horrific Miami summer and its humidity would be so good. What do you think?

It’s actual name is the Medallion Pool Valet with Hamper and retails for $340 at

In the meantime, I’ve searched on EBAY and have found a few ideas that also might work.



  1. Kari 2 June, 2013 at 21:43 Reply

    We just got a pool late last summer so this will be our first full season having it. I was just deliberating this weekend on the pool towel situation. Ours are a hodge-podge mix of old and new towels so they wouldn’t really look very nice out on display. And, I need to figure out a place to keep them together for quick and easy access. I wish I could afford to go buy all new pretty coordinating towels, LOL! but it’s not in the budget.

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