How To Make A Photo Booth for a Barbie Party

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A photo booth for a birthday party is always a hit, even for a Barbie party!

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Using inexpensive materials you can make a photo booth for a Barbie party in relatively little time. Here’s how:

Photo Booth Materials

Making Photo Booth

  • Stand up box without taping it to get a feel of the height you will need for your opening.
  • Lay box flat and using a straight edge and a pencil draw the area you will be cutting
  • Use an exactor knife to cut out the photo booth. Try to do a curved diagonal line along top. (You will need a piece of cardboard between the layers of the box to not cut through the back).
  • Print out Barbie & Mattel logos, cut and glue separately on white foam board. Cut foam board to along same pattern as logos. Logos can be downloaded or purchased on Etsy. Logos will require foam board mounting.  Barbie Logo    Mattel Logo <- Download Now!  
  • Paint box inside and out. (Not at the same time as it will make the box to weak)
  • Glue logos onto box.
  • Cut light pink foam board to fit bottom of booth. Yell out, “LOOK WHAT I CREATED!” when done! 

Bring a printer to the party and print out photos of the guests in the booth. Print out photos and mount on cardstock that thanks the guest for attending the party. Makes a great inclusion in the goodie bag! A Barbie party is certainly pretty in pink, and the inclusion of this relatively easy to make photo booth will provide a perfect photo opp for the birthday girl and her friends!

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  1. Amanda 27 July, 2013 at 09:08 Reply

    this is seriously the cutest thing ever! love the idea and can’t wait to recreate this one day for a future party!! the girls must have loved it!!

  2. Crystal 22 August, 2013 at 14:31 Reply

    I absolutely love, love, love this idea! I loved barbies growing up! I am new to having a little girl ( my first two kiddos were boys) and this is such a great idea for her birthday parties! Thank you so much for this idea!

  3. rezada 18 June, 2014 at 09:00 Reply

    Omg, my daughter Barbie bday party is 2weeks away, I really want to do this!!! Where do I get the wardrobe box to purchase???

      • G 24 September, 2014 at 12:23 Reply

        The Amazon link used is for a 36″ height box, and it comes out to be like $19 after shipping. UHaul is the best way to go with their grand wardrobe box at 24x21x48 for $11.95, or a slightly smaller one for $9.95, I guess depending on your child’s height, since our 5 year old is 44″. Thanks for the post and inspiration!

  4. cheryl 29 April, 2015 at 15:05 Reply

    Can’t find a wardrobe box taller than 48″ ugh, boo…my daughter won’t fit! Any suggestions…anybody???

  5. Kristen 29 June, 2015 at 13:35 Reply

    I have searched high and low for a “Barbie” pink paint, and I’m having no luck. Nothing I find is close to the pink you used. Would you mind telling me what the color you used is called? And possibly the brand?

  6. Marie 17 July, 2016 at 22:30 Reply

    This is so cool! What little girl wouldn’t absolutely love to have one of these for their birthday party? Thanks for sharing your awesome DIY with us at Merry Monday!

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