Reader Mail: Etiquette for Birthday Party Invites!

Reader Mail! Reader Mail!

Oh the tales of child birthday party invites…or adul t for that matter!!! Who do we invite? Who do we not invite? Are you annoyed that you didn’t make the list or relieved for a classmate’s birthday party at the park that is just at a bad time?

Reader DebbieF wrote:

What do you think etiquette is on your child being invited to a birthday party for a classmate that was not invited to your child’s party? if you don’t know…maybe you’ll consider starting discussions on mommy questions some how through the blog? I don’t know…just a thought- hope all is well. debbie

Great question/dilemma! I just went through this last fall with Isa’s birthday. Parties come in different sizes. We all can’t have a party of 100 with circus acts and popcorn. We each do what’s best for our child and family. Sometimes that means a small party with the closest of friends and sometimes that means every child in the class, even if your child doesn’t stand them or barely knows their name! In your case I think you should accept and appreciate the invitation, plus look forward to a fun time for your little one!
In my case, after Isa being invited to numerous birthday parties by classmates, I unfortunately wasn’t able to return the invite for her birthday to everyone. We held her party at a bounce house party place and had a limited number of guests allowed. I decided to just invite the girls, rather than pick and choose those who thought she liked the most.

Anyone have a different idea? Comments? Thoughts?
PS – Thanks DebbieF for coming to for advice on this relevant issue mamas face!

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