February Resolution: Organization – Cutlery Drawer

I’ve made a resolution with myself – I guess I can’t call it a New Year’s resolution since I really didn’t start it until February. We can call it the February resolution – the February Resolution: Organization!

I have nooks and crannies around the house, some larger than others, that are in desperate need of organization. Some are drawers, closets, under beds, pantries and the like. I’m taking a guess that I’m not the only Smart Mama with this going on! Well, I hereby promise to clean/organize a nook every day. The nooks will vary in size, from one shelf in the pantry to my daughter’s closet (I made need extra help here!) My daily clean out will range in time to complete – with areas like my medicine cabinet just minutes and the garage, well I won’t even go there yet!

February Resolution: Organization – Day 1 – My Cutlery Drawer


Woo Hoo!!! That felt great!!! Tomorrow’s plan is the drawer alongside with all the large spoons and random kitchen gadgets!!! Good luck to me!

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