I’m a Cheater, In How I Put My Toddler to Sleep

 Bed time for kids isn’t always so easy and now I’m cheating on getting it done.

We’re in that fighting nap time stage. I know she still needs a nap. Better yet, I need her to still need a nap. Those few hours each day are golden for me. My coffee has set in, I’m fed and I’ve gotten most of my home to-do list done. Nap time is blogging, vlogging, responding to emails, writing posts… time. I’m not ready to give that up. 

Lately I’ve been hitting the minivan for some help in naptime. Watch today’s vlog to learn how I’m getting her to fall asleep. Yes, I know it’s a total #FAIL in being a smart mama. Isn’t it? Or maybe it’s a really smart mama way! Anyway, what do you think?


How do you lure your kids to bed? Is bed time for kids difficult?



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