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Want to head over to Dublin to buy yourself a beautiful claddagh ring or a quality Irish sweater for the winter months?  Or how about finding a beautiful gift basket full of Irish treats for a friend’s birthday?  If life could afford us with those possibilities wouldn’t that be great?  In reality, Smart Mamas will probably shop the small shops of the Irish countryside in their own homes rather than across the pond.

Thank you to the online retailer, purchasing authentic Irish crafts, from jewelry to lambswool sweaters can be done with a point and click and at an affordable price!  Siopa’s inventory has it all.  Birthday gifts, new baby, Father’s Day, and of course gifts for yourself (yes, your deserve it!) make up their site.

I can attest to the quality of their goods.  I recently received a pair of their Connemara Marble Rose Drop Earrings.

Aren’t they stunning!  The quality is exactly what I would expect from a true Irish craftsman.

Head over to and see for yourself.  I promise you’ll be humming your favorite Irish tune in no time!

Disclosure:  The earrings were provided complimentary to All viewpoints are my own.

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