Roominate Chateau Review
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Roominate Chateau Review

A toy that taps into the imagination and gets girls using STEM skills! Yes, the Roominate Chateau is all that, and more!

My 8 year old, Isabella, purchased this product with her very own money. She spent much time going up and down the aisles trying to decide what she wanted to buy. The moment she grabbed the large yellow box I knew she was onto something.

She read the description and turned the box over. She looked up at me with a huge smile. She had found the perfect toy for that Saturday afternoon. She brought the box and her Hello Kitty wallet to the cashier and spent a little less than $30 on her new building toy.


Review of Roominate Chateau

The moment we got home from the stores, she quickly opened the package and got to work. Hours later and she’s still at it. She has built, taken apart, built something else, taken apart… and on and on. It is awesome to see a child be absorbed by something that is so awesome for her to experience.

Unlike her Legos, which we all adore, Roominate adds the component of illumination and power. With basic wiring that requires AAA batteries, the player can add light or power through a created fan, windmill or more. The possibilities to create are incredible.

It’s time to get the real review of Roominate Chateau from her!

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Hope you enjoyed her review and look forward to you seeing her next one!
Roominate Chateau Review

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