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Want to be a School Volunteer this Year? 20% Increase!

Did you know that the desire to volunteer in a child’s classroom has increased by 20%? According to a groundbreaking new study titled “The Economy’s Impact on Back to School,” GreatSchools and Harris Interactive have discovered this tremendous gain in desire to volunteer. (To see report: http://www.greatschools.net/news/back-to-school-poll-results.page )

With the challenges of today’s economy parents are looking for ways to make this school year the most productive and affordable. While this increased desire, I wonder if the data will transfer to actual volunteer hours. I imagine that with job security never so fragile, parents may feel apprehensive asking for a few hours to dedicate to their munchkin’s classroom. At the same time, with the increase in unemployment, more parents may be available.

I can honestly tell you that in my years of being a classroom teacher I cherished the times a parent was able to offer a helping hand. I hope each Smart Mama will be able to find the time to support their munchkin’s or local school this year. Wondering how you can help a classroom teacher this year? Here are some ideas!

Try offering to…

  1. read a book aloud to the class- once a week, month, semester…
  2. organize the class library
  3. purchase additional supplies (you would be shocked if you knew the amount of personal money that a teacher devotes to her classroom)
  4. put up/down a bulletin board
  5. make file folder games
  6. join the PTA/PTO
  7. tutor a student
  8. help out at recess/lunch
  9. share your career for Career Day
  10. photo copying
  11. laminating
  12. organizing worksheets

The list goes on and on and on. Just ask! I’m certain your munchkin’s teacher will think of something! 🙂

Check out www.GreatSchools.net for more ideas!

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