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Science for Kids! Great TV Programming!

The slow push of science and social studies out of the curriculum is something teachers have witnessed for the last 10 years. I have often wondered if the world won’t have any use of scientist in the future, if this is the direction the chaotic land of US education has gone. Thankfully, in the recent years someone has been listening, because there has been a great emphasis on QUALITY science-based TV programming for students. One of my favorites is Sid the Science Kid on PBS Kids. Have you seen it? It’s fantastic! Sid, the main character, faces a different scientific problem each episode. With the help of his classmates and teacher, he enthusiastically faces the science!!! Sid the Science Kid is one of those shows that makes me think of my former 3rd grade students…I know they would have learned scientific concepts and equally as important LOVED it!

Do you watch the show? What do you think?

Also, keep a look out for Dinosaur Train, a new PBS Kids program that will debut this fall that will encourage basic scientific thinking.

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