Top Chef Meals Delivers Custom Prepared Healthy Meals
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Top Chef Meals Delivers Custom Prepared Healthy Meals

I enjoyed devoured 7 meals from Top Chef Meals and I’m eager to share my experience on how much it helped this very busy smart mama eat healthy meals without taking away time from my crazy schedule.

A mom’s life is busy. We are constantly running around worrying about everyone else. Did they get to soccer? Dance? Did they turn in field trip money? Were they able eat breakfast? Did they have a good meeting at work? Whatever it may be, moms tend to put their needs last. I’m not here to tell you to stop putting the needs of your spouse or your kids after yours, because I know that won’t change. What I’m inviting you to do is to easily put one of your needs – eating healthy delicious meals – at the top of the list without taking away from the attention everything else needs.

Planning Meals

An important step to staying sane and healthy is to plan your meals. The meals might be something you’ll cook for the family, a meal you’ll have to celebrate a friend’s birthday or a meal you have pre-ordered from Top Chef Meals and have sitting in your freezer. I’ve shared our at-home meal planner that I use each week to plan out precisely what I’m cooking and serving.

If a DIY Meal Planner is out the question, you can find some great ones online like this one:

(Amazon affiliate link.)

I do my meal planning on Sunday afternoon so I begin the week ready – no need to be frantic at 5 on a weekday afternoon as to what will you be serving the family. With Top Chef Meals, I would recommend ordering your meals monthly and adding them to your weekly calendar. Store their meals in your freezer and take out to defrost the night before you will be enjoying them.

Meal Delivery to Save Time & Stay Healthy

You deserve to eat healthy delicious meals for all three meals every day. You clearly don’t always have the time to do so. So many resort to frozen meals bought at the supermarket that are full of a million ingredients which we haven’t heard of. It’s time to ditch those meals and fill your freezer with dishes that are prepared by real chefs and not machines from Top Chef Meals. Each meal they prepare is flash frozen to maintain flavor and longevity. If you fill your freezer with meals you love and are nutritious from Top Chef Meals,  all you’ll have to do is to take it out to defrost & warm up.

Custom Chef Prepared Meals for Under $10

The first step is to visit You’ll be impressed with the variety of meals. There are different options you can select to help you stay on the eating plan your prefer.

Top Chef Meals OptionsAs I’m trying to follow Whole30, I selected Paleo at the top of the page, then I picked Dairy Free.  Currently there are over a dozen meal choices with those specifications. There is a Diet Plan that will likely be appealing to those wanting to focus on weight loss.

The meals I ordered for my complimentary trial are listed below. I included individual prices. Please note that there are packages and plans that make the meals even more affordable.

1 x Loin of Pork with Apple Gravy with Spinach (P) – $8.10
1 x Sliced Flank Steak & Eggs (P) with Pork sausage (P) – $7.75
1 x Italian Paleo Meatballs with Zucchini (P) – $8.65
1 x Coconut Pineapple Grilled Chicken (P) with Cabbage (P) – $8.60
1 x Seared Paleo Salmon (P) with Carrots (P) – $9.10
1 x Lemon Ginger Turkey Meatballs with Broccoli (P) – $8.45
1 x Open Faced Turkey Burger (P) with Brussel Sprouts (P) – $8.60

My absolute favorite was the Open Faced Turkey Burger. It was the very best turkey burger I’ve ever had. Also, it was enormous – which this hungry mama liked and needed!

Take the time looking at each meal photo and descriptions as if you were at a restaurant. Select your meals according the package you opt for and place your order.

Your meals will be packaged with dry ice and shipped to you in days. I immediately placed my meals in the freezer.Top Chef Meals

Enjoying Your Top Chef Meal

Breakfast, lunch and dinner meal prep for me got a whole lot easier with these meals from Top Chef Meals. I typically heat my meal in the microwave and then serve it on a plate. At times I do add some potatoes or garden salad to the meal to keep myself complaint for Whole30.

I look forward to placing another order with Top Chef Meals.

Busy moms are enjoying these flash frozen meals made by top chefs in NY. Maintain your nutritional goals without losing time or flavor. Delicious Healthy Meals

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post created by me for Top Chef Meals. All opinions and taste buds are my own.

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