Make a Charcuterie for New Years Eve and Beyond
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Make a Charcuterie for New Years Eve and Beyond

Going beyond the standard chips & dips for an upcoming gathering such as New Year’s Eve is easier than you think!  Make a beautiful dish of olives, cheeses, roasted pepper slices, meat slices and gourmet crackers instead.  This French meat and cheese platter is known as a charcuterie.

Making a Charcuterie

To make a charcuterie, you will need:

  • An assortment of quality meats, cheeses, olives and other finger delicacies. To be honest, what you put on your charcuterie is completely up to you. Choose food items that are yummy, easy to eat with your fingers and are of high quality.
  • A simple platter to present the foods.
  • Cheese knives.
  • Small cheese forks to serve smaller items.
  • A hearty red wine will certainly be a great addition!

charcuterieWith this festive platter, delicious finger foods and a handful of cocktail napkins and you’re all set!  It makes an attractive presentation, which is certainly delicious!

Bringing a Charcuterie to a Party

A charcuterie is an easy appetizer to bring to a party. When you’re transporting the charcuterie to a party, you’ll just need to fill your bag with the items and you’re set!  Just open, cut and spread out the foods on your platter when you arrive. I add a sprig of rosemary sometimes, too.

No more dip leaking out the side or something that needs to be heated up or requires extensive cleaning! Keep the chips and dip for the backyard parties and bring out the yummy meats, cheeses and olives instead!

Next time you’re at your grocery store take a look to see what you find.  Olive bars, extensive gourmet packaged meat slices, pepperoni slice and delicious cheeses can be easily found these days.

What do you put in your charcuterie?

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