Prevent the Flu with 3 Steps
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Prevent the Flu with 3 Steps

A challenge we face as moms is the potential of ourselves getting sick. Learning how to prevent the flu could be one of the smartest things you’ll do as a mom.

I’ll never forget that episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 where they went skiing. She refused to go ski because she couldn’t put herself at risk of getting hurt. How would she be able to handle all her responsibilities of a very busy mom of 8 if she was hobbling around with crutches? I didn’t get it then, but I do get it now. I’ll do what it takes to prevent the flu or any other illness from getting me or my kiddos. Prevent the Flu

No Sick Days for Mom

My days are filled with school drop offs and pick up and a thousand after-school activities that include carpool. Any time I’m unable to do my mom duties the schedule gets wacky. My kids depend on me, even other kids (carpool) depend on me. I ain’t got no time to be sick! LOL!

We are exposed to germs everywhere. The kids return from a day at school, playdate,  camp or soccer practice and those germs walk into our home. There are many ways to prevent the illnesses from causing any problems if they get through the door.

What can you do to prevent the flu from attacking any of us and our children?

3 Steps to Prevent the Flu from Wrecking Havoc

Wash those hands regularly.

A simple doorknob might hold the germs. Before they do, get those 10 fingers cleaned up frequently, particularly before you eat or touch your face. You can rely on the anti-bacterial gel for emergency situations. I like this one that attaches right to their book bag.


Yes, you need rest too. Don’t stay up all night folding clothes or playing Candy Crush. Get those eye shut and mind calm. Your body needs it so can have all the energy it requires to help fight against any germs that try to sneak in. Get yourself a sleep mask if you need!


Even with the best routine in hand washing and sleep time, the chance is still there that the germs will get you. Vaccinate yourself and the family so that if those darn germs sneak in they won’t be welcome and can’t wreck havoc.

Flu Shot Options

Did you know there are several options available for flu shots? Here are some:

  • Regular seasonal flu shot
  • Intradermal shot for those who might be squeamish about needles (approved for adults 18-64; this may or may not be covered by insurance)
  • High dose vaccination for customers 65 years and older (provides an elevated level of antigens, which can create a stronger immune response in
  • seniors)

Getting sick is the very last thing any of us want to happen to our children and of course we most certainly don’t want to get the illness ourselves. We want us all to be protected. We want to all to be healthy and happy.

Where can you learn more how to prevent the flu?

Learn more about the flu at: and MinuteClinic’s vaccination offerings at:

This post was sponsored by the CVS MinuteClinic – a perfect spot to get your flu vaccination.

6 thoughts on “Prevent the Flu with 3 Steps

  1. These are all great tips, but the last one is the biggest. You HAVE to get a flu shot to have the best protection from the flu. It’s on little poke.

  2. I am such a sticker for hand washing as soon as we get in the house to help keep germs that come in the door to a minimum! And thank you for the reminder that I need to call our ped to schedule our flu shots! Definitely doing this tomorrow! 🙂

  3. I am a hand-washing fanatic, especially during flu season. I think the question I most often as my husband is, “Did you wash your hands?” Great tips. I need to get my flu shot. Actually, so does my husband and our little guy.

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