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4 Simple Ways to Start Monday Off In a Cleaner Home

It’s a new week. Let’s start it off right! Making little improvements in our home can have a lasting impact throughout the rest of the week.

  1. Go make your bed.  I know that no one will even know you made it besides your kids and husband, but I promise that when you head to bed tonight it is much more comforting to see a made bed than the disheveled mess it was in the AM.
  2. Buh-Bye stinky sponge. One of the worst smells is the smell of a stinky sponge. Bascteria filled sponges have no place in your home. Every two weeks you should be replacing or more regularly thoroughly clean your sponge. There are numerous ways to clean & disinfect the sponge. Try some of these ideas, or toss it and start with a new one this week.
  3. Clean that microwave – without chemicals, please! Water and a bowl – that’s all you need. I’ve been so impressed with this green cleaning style of getting the microwave looking like knew. Have you tried it?
  4. Icky remote must be cleaned! Take a moment, I promise it won’t take too long, to wipe down the remotes! They are the keepers of germs galore. Think of the stomach flu, the sniffles, the random viruses that have spread rampant around your home this winter. The remote is held by germ filled hands – all.the.time!

Ok, time to start your Monday off right! Take on this simple list and report back! Is there something else I should add?

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