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421K Germs Linger at the Bottom of Your Shoe Soles! What to do?

Shoes of BacteriaThe Asian tradition to remove shoes before entering a home  is centuries old.  The muddy streets of Japan long ago, made it necessary for the shoe removal, to prevent the grime of the street to enter their homes.  Although streets are now paved in most of Asia, the tradition is set within their cultural norms.

It is rare to encounter a home in the states that requests for you to remove your shoes before entering.  Maybe I’m wrong? Do you ask guests to remove shoes before entering?  You may want to consider to!

Why? Walking through your house in shoes you wear outside is a great way to track in health-sapping allergens and contaminants. In fact, a study at the University of Arizona recently uncovered startlingly-high levels of bacteria on footwear (421,000 germs per sole) including the nasties that can cause pneumonia and urinary tract infections.  Ew! Gross!

I’m not necessarily suggesting that it’s reasonable to incorporate the culture of removing your shoes before you enter the house.

However, knowing about the 421K germs tracking around I just may try it – at least for a few days!  This shoe/boot mat that I found on Amazon could work.  Or how about an old cookie sheet?  Either way, I could start with my 5 year old and work my way up to my Tom.  I can’t even imagine my husband’s reaction when I put in the request.

Will you try?  Will you buy a mat or use an old cookie sheet to place them?

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4 thoughts on “421K Germs Linger at the Bottom of Your Shoe Soles! What to do?

  1. I get the impression from internet discussion that removing shoes at the door is becoming a lot more common in America. It is here in the UK as well.

    Insisting on shoes off for all will be a big benefit to your family. I have an whole blog on this subject: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.

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