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#Smart MamaLUTION #11: Pinterest for Moms – Why Smart Mamas Use Pinterest

Smart Mamas use Pinterest because, well, they can’t remember it all.  Pinterest mixes a Smart Mama’s desire for organization and creativity and throws in whole bunch of useful technology.

Pinterest can be easily used by Smart Mamas.  There is so much there to help them.  Let’s start off with the basic…

What is Pinterest?

The best way to describe Pinterest is as a digital scrapbook, file folder or corkboard with added tech practicality.  Think of the way you have traditionally stored those magazine/newspaper rip-outs of recipes, playroom idea photos, fashion styles and more.  You would “organize” it in folders, on a cork board, in a box….now with advent of Pinterest, the same great info and photos you find in today’s media – the internet – is nicely organized for you to easily access and share with others. We now digitally “pin” rather than rip and store photos and ideas.  Days of a million bookmarks/favorites hogging up our Internet browser’s toolbar are done. Now, as a Smart Mama surfs the net and comes across a cute nursery décor idea that she wants to remember, she clicks to “pin it,” rather than add it to the long, very long list of bookmarks.  The nursery photo will be included in one of her Pinterest boards, ideally titled Nursery Ideas.  The photo thumbnail on her Pinterest board will help her to quickly see, remember and access the idea.

Ok, so how do I do it pin it?

  1. Go to Pinterest.com and Request an Invite!  This will get you the access to join!  You must have either a Facebook or Twitter account.
  2. Immerse yourself by scrolling through already pinned photos. Click on any photo to see it larger.  Click on it again to go directly to a website (typically a blog) where you can see the text that goes with the photo.  Pins are organized into categories.  My favorite is DIY & Crafts.  I’m ALWAYS amazed by the ideas that are out there!
  3. When you come across an image/pin you like, go ahead and RePIN IT or LIKE IT.  What board of your own would you like to put it on?  Pinterest provides pre-named boards, such as Books to Read and For the Home. You can also CREATE a BOARD.  I’ve created Birthday Party Ideas, DIY for Smart Mamas and more.
  4. Now, let’s set you up to start pinning when not on Pinterest.  Click About > Pin It Button.  Basic directions are listed to add the Pinterest button to your toolbar.  You may also come across the Pinterest icon on sites, allowing you to easily pin a specific image.
  5. When you stumble across a photo anywhere online, a photo of anything you may want to remember or want to share with other friends, go ahead and click the PIN IT button on your toolbar, select the board to store it in and add a description (optional.)
  6. Now you’re ready to spend lots of hours going through Pinterest, repining and/or liking the millions (I’m estimating that figure) of fabulous ideas captured by friends and followers of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a useful tool for Smart Mamas, especially for those who love visuals.  An organized Pinterest account, full of boards and appropriate pins, will make the time you need to find that Crock Pot Chicken recipe you saw somewhere online last week take just moments.

I invite you to follow my boards and I would love to follow yours!


Please share a comment below with your Pinterest name so the rest of us can follow all your cool pins!

Happy Pinterest-ing!

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  1. Fantastic read – will be retweeting. I LOVE Pinterest for my dessert catering business. It has been invaluable!

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