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Our Memorable Juicy Route 27 in Florida

South Floridians drive to Orlando regularly, it’s understandable. Our family has done it nearly a dozen times in the last 5 years. Visiting Disney World or other amusement parks, with just a 3-4 hour drive is manageable, especially when traveling with the family. One of our more more memorable drives up was when we took Route 27 from Miami to Disney. 

This drive, mostly a divided highway with traffic lights, is a sharp difference from the dull drive of the Florida Turnpike or I95. Although longer because of the lights, the Route 27 drive is far more scenic as it takes you through the “countryside” of Florida, passing through the towns of Clewiston, Moore Haven, Lake Placid and Lake Harbor, often right alongside Lake Okechobee – the largest lake in the state. The best part though, is that throughout this scenic drive you quickly learn why Florida is known for growing oranges.  For a fair part of the drive, groves and groves line either side of Route 27. You can even get a scent of the oranges if your windows are down. You’ll notice the trees flanked with oranges. You’ll want to park your car and go pick one right off the tree. This isn’t allowed though.

Orange GroveThese endless groves explain why Tropicana is the single largest buyer of Florida fruit. If you are going to make 100% pure orange juice, like Tropicana, you need to get to the best groves in the country. That makes sense when you learn that Tropicana purchases approximately 11.6 billion oranges from Florida each year.  That’s a lot of orange juice to make! How else could they make the most delicious 100% pure orange juice if they weren’t getting it from the best groves in the country? Tropicana partners with groves in 22 distinct counties across the state. Those orange grove farmers have relied on Tropicana since the 1960s – a 50 year relationship.

Our drive that trip to Disney included a discussion with my 5 year old on all things oranges. From what is an orange grove, the annual Orange Bowl and Junior Orange Bowl Parade and of course  Tropicana! Now a morning glass of Tropicana doesn’t go without mention of our Route 27 Orange Grove drive!

As Floridians we take pride in our Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice , like those in Wisconsin do of their cheese and Marylanders do of their Chesapeake Bay Crabs. The best orange juice starts from the best groves, which can be found in Florida and squeezed into a carton by Tropicana.

Tropicana SweepstakesTropicana Sweepstakes!

Enter the Tropicana sweepstakes for a chance to win 100 Florida prizes, including one-year-supplies of Tropicana (in the form of twelve 59 oz Tropicana Pure Premium containers) and a trip to Florida to visit an orange grove. Ninety-nine winners will get a one-year supply of orange juice in the form of twelve coupons for (12) 59 oz Tropicana Pure Premium® containers. One winner will get a trip to a Florida orange grove and invite three (3) guests for:  Round-trip airfare for four (4) to Florida, three (3) night stay at a Florida hotel. The winner will have an exclusive experience at experience at a Florida orange grove. For official rules and regulations, visit the “sweeps” tab on Tropicana’s Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Tropicana

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