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How to Use Dried Beans to Add Color to Your Home

A few bags of dried split peas are just what a mom decorator needs when wanting to add color to her home. It’s easy. It’s very affordable. It’s stylish. Dried beans come in all sorts of varieties. Browse your local grocer’s dried bean aisle and see the colors. Get creative. Maybe even mix a two different styles together.

See how I added a great color to my dining room with bags of dried beans.

Dried beans serve so many uses in this home. We use them to count, to act as a weight, in art projects and of course to eat! Have you found a clever way of using dried beans to decorate your home? Please share how you’ve done it!

3 thoughts on “How to Use Dried Beans to Add Color to Your Home

  1. I wasn’t aware that dried beans can really be a great tool where we can give and add some color to our homes..

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