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Burst Into Photo Organization and Sharing with iPhone & Droid App w/giveaway

Burst.It is Bursting with Simplicity in Sharing Videos & Photos to Groups Burst Logo

Simple, efficient technology is a Smart Mama need. Burst.It knows that and has made an app and website for busy moms. Using basic one-touch technology a mom can send multiple photos and videos to an individual or a group. All media is instantly stored in the cloud, meaning days of back ups are over. Download the Burst.It app onto your phone to get started taking photos/video. Join the site and begin recommending to it others. You’ll be thrilled with the ease and functionality of the application.

The Soccer Mom Scenario

At the soccer game you take several photos and videos of the kids. You want to get them out to the team moms.

Soccer Mom Burst

Traditional Texting:

Picture by picture and video by video you go through and text each to the moms you select in your contact list. This is a length process. Recipients will open each text separately and save images/videos one by one. If room is available, images/videos will store to the PhotoStream or will require manual backup.

The Burst.It Sharing

With one click you send out all videos & pictures that you select to your pre-created Soccer Moms Group. All media is instantly available to be viewed on Bust.It.  No additional back up needed, as everything is immediately stored on the cloud.

Burst In Action

How often do you want to quickly share media with a group of friends or family? Do you regularly back up your photos? Has your PhotoStream ever hit capacity?

I’m wanting to share all the time. However, logistics keeps me. I always think about doing it later on, when I have time. That rarely happens. I believe Burst.It is an application and site that can be a real time saver for moms.

The Burst.It Brains

Busrt.It is smart. It learns from each video capture, photo click, share and more how to store and organize your photos. It love that. You will notice that Burst.It will recommend who to share with based on previous shares of similar photos. It will group photos from certain times or locations for you. It even recognizes events on your calendar and the photos taken during the time of an event are immediately considered part of that event. That’s not a aspect of technology that we often see. Any moment technology wants to do the thinking and figuring out for me, I’ll take it. How about you?

Burst.It On Your Phone

This FREE app is available for iPhone and Droid. Visit Burst.It to view all your media that has been shared with you.


Cloud size is essential. Life of the cloud even more. We want our photos to be saved for a lifetime! To provide you with all the tools for adequate, reliable cloud storage Burst.It is offering a Smarty Pants Mama reader a Lifetime Storage Plan, valued at approximately $60! See below to enter!

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Disclosure: I received a lifetime storage plan as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own. 

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