How a Gas Price App Saved Us Money
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How a Gas Price App Saved Us Money

We headed to Key West for the weekend. It was fantastic. The 160 mile drive from Miami is probably one of the most beautiful drives in the country. It’s filled with scenic views that take your breath away. Thankfully the Gas Buddy App on our Windows8X phone saved us $$$ on this road trip!! A gas price app is essential to getting the best on rising gas prices when traveling by car! Plus, the ridiculous fast 4G service from Verizon Wireless made the money saving information appear in a second! Road Trip Gas

When to Gas Up

The sun was just rising as our mini-van was full with a pack-n-play, a suitcase and our beach tote, but not much gas. The gas tank was about 1/2 full, which would be enough to get us to the southernmost point, but we knew a full tank would be best. Getting stuck behind one big truck or slow driver and our trip can double in time and gas. We needed to make quick decision to get gas at the start of our trip in Miami, mid-way near Islamorada or just waiting until Key West needed to be made. Where would we get the best deal on gas on US1?

Gas Buddy App Shows Deals

Gas Buddy Windows8X App

I had downloaded Gas Buddy from the Windows Marketplace onto my Windows8X phone. We would see how gas prices were from start to finish. Wow. What a difference in prices.!According to GasBuddy, the further away from Miami you went the higher the prices went. I really wasn’t all that surprised. Gas stations have you at their mercy, especially after you’ve crossed the Seven Mile Bridge and you’re in the lower keys, gas prices get to be the highest. The GasBuddy App on the Windows8X phone was easy to use and saved us about 15c a gallon. That’s a huge savings!

Other Gas $$ Saving Apps

Gas Buddy is one of a many apps available to help road trippers save money on their fuel. Other apps include: Oil & Gas Prices and Gas Up Free.

Using technology on road trips can save you tons of money. Finding last minute hotel deals, coupons for meals or best prices for gas are all in the palm of your hand with a fast and reliable smart phone. What are some of your favorite travel apps for your smart phone?

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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