Easy Motion Sickness Remedies
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Easy Motion Sickness Remedies

Nothing ruins a great vacation like being hit with motion sickness. I had my 3rd date with my husband ruined because I turned green in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay after rocking on a friend’s boat for no more than 30 minutes. That date ended quickly and I vowed never to get motion sick again. I’ve slipped a few times but for the most part I have the entire challenge under control.Motion Sickeness

How do I keep from getting motion sick? I prepare. The moment I know I’ll be heading out of a boat, I take medicine. Sometimes it isn’t necessary because the waters are calm, but I’ve learned (the hard way) that it’s better to plan ahead and assume the worst.

If you are prone to feeling ill while riding, flying or even going on rides at amusement parks, here are some Easy Motion Sickness Remedies to help you feel better quickly. Remember these tips next time you head out and prevent a bad experience from happening.

Easy Motion Sickness Remedies


Dramamine & Bonine are great over the counter remedies, but another one you may already have on hand is Benadryl. The calming effect of each of these helps combat and prevent motion sickness quickly and easily. I also recommend Zofran. This prescription medication is often prescribed for anti-nausea for pregnant women or those enduring chemo. I take one almost every night when I’m on a cruise ship. I would be green if not. I also take it before any boat ride – for example on during our Bahama boat days during this summers’ travels I took a Zofran. I couldn’t take the chance of spending the day with my head hanging over the side! I also have a prescription for my 7 year old. She took one during our Carnival Freedom trip.

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For many, traveling between meals is far easier than when they are hungry or have just eaten. Plan trips, flying or rides between meals so your stomach is settled already and not processing or wanting. I remember as a child my mother not allowing me to have a glass of milk before any type of travel in fear it would make me motion sick. Don’t know if it’s an old wives tale, but one of my kids threw up driving to Disney about an hour after having her milk. 



Peppermint, Lemon, Wintergreen and Ginger are all great essential oils for inhalation. Carry them along with you when you travel to prevent and help ease nausea as needed.

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Both of these work wonders for prevention and ease of nausea from motion. Make sure you have some on hand when traveling.

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Roll down the windows or turn up the air conditioning. When traveling in a car or flying – the flow of fresh air while taking deep breaths can help tremendously. I remember this remedy from my childhood. I would often get car sick and my mom would roll down the windows and have me get fresh air in my face. 



Approximately 3 finger widths from the bend in your wrist is a pressure point that when pressed helps relieve nausea. This is a great way to help ease existing nausea. Coupled with deep breaths and fresh air it can make a huge difference in how you feel. We’ve purchased Sea Bandz that do this for you. Before ever having Zofran I would use the bracelets on every cruise trip. They worked – for the most part. The challenge was our bracelets were fluorescent yellow and orange – didn’t look so hot with my outfit.

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Sometimes You’ll Just Get Sick

When all else fails, do your best stare at a stable object or to the horizon. Distract yourself.

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Don’t suffer needlessly while traveling this year. Apply these easy motion sickness remedies to help make your trip or event more pleasant. Pick up supplies or make note of these lists to create an on the go pack to help you to always be prepared should nausea strike.Easy Motion Sickness Remedies

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  2. When I was younger I suffered from motion sickness. As I git older it went away but my daughter had it now. A roomy vehicle and fresh air seem to help her.

  3. I need to look into the RX meds, we usually go with dramamine and it totally zonks me out. I can’t really travel long distances (car, plane or boat) without it though. Unless I am sleeping, if I can sleep for most of the trip (like late night flights) then I am usually ok.

  4. Great tips! I don’t get motion sickness often, but I find that I’m more prone to it when I’m reading in the back of a car. Morning sickness during my pregnancy caused me to always, always have vomit bags on hand!

  5. These are great tips. My husband is prone to motion sickness, as is our youngest. Taking all of these tips into thought for our next road trip. Oh, and Preggo Pops? I forgot about those! I practically lived on those during my pregnancies.

  6. Good to know! We deal with it off and on. Never too many bad cases of motion sickness but it seems to be more and more of an issue with the kids right now. I’m not sure if its because of allergy stuffiness making them feel the motion more or what!

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