Disney in a Weekend! Planning a Weekend Disney Getaway!
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Disney in a Weekend! Planning a Weekend Disney Getaway!

Princess Isa meets Cinderella after a no-nap afternoon!

What a weekend!  Spent three great nights with family in Disney World.  Yes, we travel to Disney A LOT! We actually went 6 times just in 2009!  It sounds a bit excessive, don’t you think?  There are lots of reasons for our repetitive WDW getaways.  First and foremost, we were given season passes last year – thank you mom & dad.  We obviously felt the need to go and make good use of the passes.  Secondly, we live in South Florida, so a weekend trip to Disneyworld (3 1/2 hours driving) equates to DC – NYC trip that I have done a-million-times!  So with passes, an easy drive, and a toddler/preschooler how can we go wrong?

We budget our trips.  Sometimes we have a tight budget (yes, one time we went and only spent $100 in 3 days! Impressive!) and sometimes we get a little more carefree (we’ve stayed at all “monorail” hotels.)

All in all, we find a weekend trip to Walt Disney World a blast for every member of our family!

With our frequent trips, we have also learned so many tips and tricks on getting the most out of weekend there. We know exactly what to pack, what to do and where to go first.  We’re masters of FastPass, we’re pros at character breakfasts and know, I swear, every shortcut there is.  We love it!

I’ve considered beginning a blog devoted to tips and tricks on Disney.  Or maybe a feature here on SmartyPantsMama.com !

What do you think?  Do you have an interest in learning about my tips and tricks on vacationing in Walt Disney World?  I would love to share!

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  1. I think tips and tricks about Disney is a great idea!! We’ve been 3 times but with everything always changing and new things to see and do I think having a place to find tips would be awesome, especially since we are planning for a 2011 trip!!

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