3 Reasons to Hit Up Downtown Disney
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3 Reasons to Hit Up Downtown Disney

As South Floridians we’ve been to Walt Disney World about 12 times in the last 5 years. Yes, we go a lot. Nearly every trip includes at least a morning in Downtown Disney. Why? Besides the fact that even my older one still thinks it’s one of the Disney Parks (cheap date!), I have 3 awesome  reasons why we include Downtown Disney in our Walt Disney World vacation plans!

  1. Downtown DisneyFood! Downtown Disney is filled with tremendous variety and price ranges for dining. We have some favorites. Earl of Sandwich is an easy pleaser for breakfast and lunch. Prices are super reasonable, especially for being in the Disney area. Lines can get long and seating sparse so be sure to divide the family up with half finidng the table and the rest in line. Beyond casual counter service of Earl, Wolfgang Puck Express and Pollo Campero, a number of themed restaurants are scattered around the area. Rainforest Cafe and T-REX are two favorites. Finer dining is also available in Downtown Disney, with restaurants like Fulton, Bongos and Portobello. You can have a great “grown up night” at one of these and maybe end the night at the highly regarded Cirque de Soliel show La Nouba. Go here for a full list of dining options at Downtown Disney.
  2. Shopping! The largest Disney Store, World of Disney, is found in Downtown Disney, plus a whole lot more! Downtown Disney is a shopping mecca for all things Disney and toys! The ultra popular and recently renovated Lego Store is a must for most kids – and adults! The store has all the shelves filled with Lego building kits. Another shopping favorite is Mickey’s Pantry where all sorts of kitchen and houseware, with a Disney theme of course, are sold. That’s where I bought the mold to make the Mickey pancakes that I shared here. Are you a pin collector? The PinTrader’s shop is for you! It’s the biggest pin shop ever! They’ve got every pin imaginable!
  3. Rides! Ok, these won’t cut it for the older kids but my 6 and 1 year old still love the carousel and the train in Downtown Disney! The older kids can have their fun too, with entertainment options like Splitsville, Disney Quest and Characters in Flight – a hot air ballon-like ride that I’ve been wanting to do!

These simple reasons make a trip to Downtown Disney fun and memorable. Consider it on your next Orlando getaway! You won’t regret it!


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